Be Responsible For A Position of Influence.

coaching Apr 26, 2020

As a coach there can be much more to programming and long term planning than rep schemes, technique, and modality selection. What is the emphasis on deliberate personal development?

Success can be limited by personal growth through challenges related to honesty, commitment, learning, feedback, critical conversation skills, planning, and hard work. Being more aware of your own behavior and reflecting on others behavior just may give you that edge for success as an athlete and person. 

Questions to always think about and prompt to others:

  1. What is something that have you learned from a friend or teammate (past or present)? Not sport related
  2. What does maturity mean to you? Why is that important?
  3. What is being a good person? Why does being a good person matter or does it?
  4. What does being a better person mean to you? What do you need to work on? What is a habits that aren’t getting you there?
  5. How has a last relationship (ex. teacher, friend, parent) impacted you in a...
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It’s Protective To Figure Out What Your Full Range of Capabilities Are As A Human.

coaching Apr 26, 2020

If you’re able to take a look at the impulses that drive you and admit them, it will help you understand other people better, make you wiser, and more careful in your actions.

If you understand that you’re not harmless then that can make you a lot more careful with what you say and do. If you think you are harmless that can make you naïve and vulnerable.

You need reference for the perspective in which you see the world. The wisdom comes from understanding what’s underneath other people’s behavior and being aware of your own intentions. [Jordan Peterson Maps of Meaning Lectures]

Feel free to relate this to coaching.

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Emotional Context.

training experience Apr 26, 2020

LIFT heavy weight [and associate it with the appropriate emotional intensity].
The human organism requires struggle.

“An important part of the human experience is pushing past discomfort” (Sean Carroll). Life experiences can be enhanced based upon how you feel. You have to associate an emotion with a physical task via the brain (limbic system) which dictates the physiological response. Emotional context drives training adaptations. After all, most behavior is dictated by an emotion or feeling, not a thought. “People don’t forget any capacity that depends on feel rather than fact.” -Lewis, Amini, & Lannon, 2001.

The appropriate emotional intensity can be acquired by participating with your mind.
Often when people don’t like lifting heavy weights they have associated that activity with a negative feeling or experience (or lack of an experience can also be a negative emotional association). Females specifically have to battle the inertia of the...

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MBT Exercise Creation Model.

training outcomes Apr 24, 2020

Preview for the UPCOMING MBT Training Model & Implementation Online Course!

A Process for Creativity in Exercise Selection

The goal of the process is to match intent with strategy to create an exercise then coach the exercise with proper execution. An exercise is the loading of tissues for mechanical and physiological benefits. Positions are the shapes in which the body is placed to target specific muscles to move bones and to be able to target as much muscle mass as possible.

The process of exercise selection can be overwhelming without a process. Choosing exercises should have a purpose and we should explore our creativity based upon that purpose instead of choosing exercises and rationalizing them later. We tend to choose exercises based on certain loading abilities and associations instead of a specific intention.

  • Am I starting with a exercise or the intent?
  • Am I associating a exercise with a specific quality?
    • Such as associating the back squat exercise with the quality...
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