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The Ultimate Fitness Pro & Performance Coach Resource Guide

Download this FREE 1-stop-shop guide filled with the best resources from all over the fitness & performance industry from the leading industry professionals, so you no longer have to waste time searching for the best articles, podcasts, books, courses, or social media accounts. 

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Strategies to Improve Movement Quality

This 20 minute presentation, reviews 4 SIMPLE RULES that will help you get your clients moving better, WHILE still getting 80-90% of a training effect from the loading. In other words, we can still get our clients strong and powerful without turning them into walking refrigerators.

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Programming for General Population Athleticism

This presentation will define athleticism, discuss barriers for inactive clients, and strategies to incorporate athletic qualities into training programs for all levels. You will also learn organization strategies for your programming, such as checkpoints and checklists. 

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Learn How To Coach and Program Different Types of Effort

One of the most important variables for success and positive outcomes with clients is EFFORT. However, most of the people that we work with tend to UNDER-estimate effort. So, shouldn't we prioritize effort? YES! This presentation will show you how to design training programs around effort. You can also download the Training Program Template used in this presentation for free!

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Training Program Considerations: Where to Start & Long Term Outlook Handbook

This handbook will help you organize your training programs, navigate long term development, and determine where to start with clients and athletes. This handbook will also help you determine what variables to prioritize, progress, and manage for three categories of clientele; youth, young adult, and adults.

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Michelle's Articles & Podcast Episodes


Checkout this list of guest articles and podcasts from Michelle! Each article and podcast will directly link you to the original, full resource. Topics range from organizing the best warm-up, to tri-planar athletic development, to key programming variables, to managing allostatic overload, and to the best single leg deadlift variations. 

More Articles & Podcasts from Michelle

Building Resiliency Through Language

Michelle sat down with Dr. Zac Cupples, Lucy Hendricks, Dr. Jarred Boyd, and Dan Sanzo to discuss strategies to improve our standards of communication and how to match our intention with our impact using language. Gain some valuable knowledge and strategies from these leaders in the fields of performance coaching and physical therapy.

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Identifying Gaps & Creating Systems

In this video, Michelle lays out how to direct your learning towards filling your knowledge gaps, producing outcomes, or fulfilling your curiosity. Focused learning will help you answer questions, maximize client results, have better communication with clients, and address holes that are holding you back.

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Principle-Based Coaching: Find Your Unique Coaching Identity

In this video, Michelle presents on what principle-based coaching is and why is matters. You will learn the steps towards utilizing training principles and finding your unique coaching identity.

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