More Train Less Pain

Engineering the Adaptable Athlete

 with Dr. Michelle Boland & Dr. Tim Richardt

Stay on the cutting edge of training and rehab information, learn from leaders in the field, and gain insights you will be able to apply to your own setting.

More Train Less Pain Episodes

What is this podcast all about?

  • The More Train, Less Pain podcast is hosted by Dr. Michelle Boland and Dr. Tim Richardt and is specifically designed around engineering the adaptable athlete.
  • The podcast will bring you the most knowledgeable guests in the fields of strength and conditioning and physical therapy, as well as episodes consisting of topic “deep-dives”.
  • Our aim is to elevate YOUR understanding as a movement professional, to give you the knowledge, and the tools to deliver an even better service to your people, whoever they may be.

Why is this podcast different?

  • We will have discussions with leaders in fields of rehabilitation, fitness, and performance and dive deep into topics  
  • We will make information practical and useful 
  • We will bridge the gap between rehab and training 
  • We will discuss complex training and rehab topics and turn them into actual programming and coaching strategies
  • We will explore how these fields are changing and how you can get out ahead 

Who is this podcast for?

  • Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Parkour Gurus, any and all movement professionals!

  • Anyone looking to push the industries of PT and S&C forward, fill in the "blind spots" between rehab and training, accomplish their own training goals, or improve the results of their clients

About Dr. Michelle Boland:

I am the owner of the fitness and performance company, called MBT! I fill my days with in person 1:1 training sessions, coaching people remotely, writing training programs, and creating educational content for other trainers and fitness professionals who want to take complex training concepts and turn them into real outcomes for clients.

I started my career as a S&C for a D1 Collegiate sports performance program. I then transitioned to the private sector as a Director of Education before I started my own company. 

My passion for fitness and performance originated when I was rehabbing from a torn ACL entering into my collegiate soccer career then I turned that passion into education by attaining degrees in nutrition, S&C, and a doctorate in exercise physiology.  

I love to physically work hard and push my physiology but through sustainable exercise strategies to maintain that effort over time. That's why I wanted to start this podcast with Tim to dive into the best strategies to be able to still deadlift until I am 90 years old.

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About Dr. Tim Richardt:

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Owner of Richardt Performance and Rehabilitation, a Denver-based company offering in-person and remote rehab and training services to a wide variety of clientele, especially folks that like to do badass stuff in the mountains, like backcountry skiing, technical climbing, and mountaineering.

My journey centers around the tenuous relationship with middle-distance running throughout my high school, college, and young adulthood. The sport of track was something I had some natural talent in, and enjoyed.

However, I could never handle as much mileage or training intensity as my teammates, and failed to string together the consecutive years of training necessary to truly excel.

The “why” of my predisposition to injury led me into my career as a physical therapist. This same “why” continues to drive me today, as I attempt to answer the question of “why do I hurt”, only in the larger context of all of my clientele- not just myself, and not just runners.

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More Train Less Pain Episodes