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What will you get from Position Principles?

Clarity on Position Biomechanics

Position Principles will explore how body positions can benefit movement quality, provide range of motion interventions, challenge loading, and change joint orientation. 

Standards for Terminology

Position Principles will create clarity for your clients, business, and programming by establishing clear language for your exercise selection. Do your clients know the difference between a staggered stance vs. a split stance position?

Programming Tool

Position Principles will help you categorize exercises, thus organizing your exercise selection. The course will provide programming tips and includes a downloadable training program template that you can use with your own clients and athletes. 

This course is for YOU...

  • If you do not want to commit weeks or months to taking a full biomechanics course 
  • If you are a fitness professional, strength coach, physical therapist, or interested in movement
  • If you want to build some clarity on how to select exercises for your clients, athletes, or patients
  • If you want the tools to avoid separating fitness from corrective exercises

Without positional considerations, you may be leaving behind the greatest factor in getting your clients and athletes to move better.

Position Is Where Exercise Selection STARTS

The process of exercise selection for any personal trainer, strength coach, or physical therapist can be overwhelming without a process.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, I am going to show you why the foundation of my exercise selection process is position selection. Positional decisions can determine your clients and athletes rotational capabilities, motions they will be able to access, and how much force they will be able to generate during an exercise. 

Come learn how positional considerations will get more out of your clients and athletes!

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What does this include?

  • A quick, concise course that will define and take a deep dive into each of the 11 positions

  • Clear videos and visuals for each position

  • Explanations for what each position should feel like, how it should be executed, why it would benefit your clients and athletes, how it should be controlled and challenged, and how to layer each position into your training programs 

  • 11 short modules that will help you improve movement quality, range of motion, and your coaching effectiveness

  • Simple and organized information for you to apply 

You Need BOTH Knowledge & Application

To maximize the learning process, this course provides both information and implementation strategies you can apply within your own planning and coaching.

What will each position principle section include?

The principles within this course will guide you through a clear progression of how to feel, control, and challenge each position.

Each position principle will focus on the following,

  • Finding the feeling. Can you feel the appropriate muscles working? 
  • Controlling the feeling. What should it looks like? 
  • Challenging the feeling. How can you challenge the position?

Each section will include answers to the  following questions:

  • How is the position defined?
  • What should it visually look like?
  • How should it be performed?
  • Why would it benefit your clients and athletes?
  • How should it be challenged? 
  • How do you layer it into your programming? Examples are provided for adding control and challenge

How Should Position Principles Be APPLIED?

The Position Principles course includes the following tools to help you apply the information within the course:

  • Programming tips
  • Exercise examples
  • Tips for individualizing position selection
  • Coaching tips
  • An explanation for the use of constraints and reference within positional variations
  • A exclusive programming template for an easy way to implement the position principles

The template includes a 2-day training program for you to follow and track progress. Exercise examples are also provided. The programming template is meant to be a guide for decision making, while still offering you flexibility and autonomy relating to your own environment, logistics, and clientele.

The template includes 4 main sections:

1. Positional Prep 

2. Feel Positions 

3. Challenge Positions 

4. Positional Accessories

Bonus Content To Reinforce Principles

The Position Principles course also includes 2 BONUS sections that will help you apply your new knowledge.

Bonus Section 1: Exercise Selection Lesson

  • You will learn how to use position selection as the foundation of your exercise selection
  • This section will help you organize your decision making and establish a system for your exercise selection

Bonus Section 2: Program Design Principles Lesson

  • This section includes an original video that provides an explanation and rationale for how I developed a 20-week training program called Endure & Repeat
  • You will learn how to use principles to construct a training program and build progressions
  • You will also receive the Endure & Repeat Training Program Template and Phase 2 of the training program for free


What are professionals saying about the course?

"If you want your exercises to just work, watch this and take notes. Michelle's Position Principles course teaches you foundational movement which you can extrapolate to literally every client you work with."

Lance Goyke
Personal Trainer & Fitness Educator

"Since I’ve known Michelle she’s been able to break down complex topics into easy to understand concepts, and this course takes that to the next level. It’s easy to follow and will make you a better coach almost instantly. It helps create a flow of the training session from a teaching standpoint for anything from gen pop up to pro level clientele. Highly recommend."

Declan Morrissey
Sports Performance Professional

"Michelle has a knack for distilling the principles and guidelines from a dynamic industry. She demonstrates a practical foundation for exercise execution and selection, and provides a useful framework to build one’s programming philosophy. This resource is a worthy investment for fitness professionals."

Dan Sanzo
Strategic Fitness Training, Owner

"Michelle Boland's Position Principles course explores in detail the various fundamental positions and explains the importance of the "how's" and the "why's" in each lesson. It is well organized and easily digestible and stays consistent throughout. Each lesson includes a thorough written and video explanation, links and valuable downloads that makes this course worth even more. The MBT programming template provided at the end helps to organize and put into practice the fundamentals of the course. I wish I had this course available to me when I first started my studies, This course would have really saved me time and would have helped me in my early decision-making journey. Appreciating and understanding position principles makes exercise selection that much easier. Michelle does an excellent job at introducing these concepts and most importantly introducing application concepts of these positions. It really is a valuable course to anyone who wants to add or help jumpstart their treatment model and view position principles through an organized lens. "

Monica Moore
Physical Therapist, PT, DPT, BFA

"I was fortunate enough to check out Michelle’s new positions course and the reason I wanted to check it out is because I am always trying to find ways to add layers that make the decision making process a lot more clear, so I can be a lot more individualized with my approach. But at the same time, not just adding another layer of headache. Her positions course was amazing because it allowed me to add another filter into my system that made my decision making that much more clear and concise. I felt way more confident making decisions for my clients about exercise selection after this course. I didn't just get an idea of why I should use a position, but how to use it, what it looks like, how to progress it, and how to integrate it into your program overall. I can't recommend it enough. If you are someone who is programming for yourself, someone else, or especially if you are someone who has a big client load adding this filter to your exercise selection is going to be absolutely key. 10 out of 10!"

Kyle Reinstadtler
Personal Trainer & Remote Training Coach

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