S2E9: Movement Solutions, Content Marketing, & Training Tim with Lance Goyke

Season #2

If you think that all movement needs to be improved via laying-on-the-ground positional breathing drills, think again. There are myriad ways to improve a client’s movement to improve fitness outcomes while sidestepping pain, and our guest today is an expert in ‘em all. Join Michelle and Tim as they sit down with Lance Goyke, remote trainer, site developer, and content marketer extraordinaire!

They discuss the absolute joy that training Tim was (for both Lance and Michelle), how to approach training and fitness when dealing with chronic and persistent pain, improving position and movement with local muscular endurance and systemic conditioning work, and navigating the thorny world of developing an online presence as an up-and-coming trainer. 

Lance is a truly unique mind when it comes to bridging the seemingly disparate gaps between anatomy, biomechanics, psychology, marketing, and technology. Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

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