S1E2: Models; SO Much More Than Selling Fit Tea on Instagram

Season #1 Episode #2

Dr. Michelle Boland and Dr. Tim Richardt discuss how models and principles are useful, explain their own unique models within their physical therapy and fitness services, and provide you with actual application strategies using models within day-to-day decisions.

Models provide a structure to follow and a feedback loop for the process of how to take your clients and athletes from ‘where they currently are’ to ‘where they want to be’, so they are MUCH more effective than selling Fit Tea on Instagram. 

Michelle and Tim also discuss the professionals who have influenced their careers and how their experiences have led them to utilize models and principles within their practices. 

Links for People Mentioned:

  • Kelly Starrett ‘The Ready State’ YouTube 
  • Pat Davidson Instagram @dr.patdavidson
  • Bill Hartman Instagram @billhartmanpt
  • Michelle Boland Instagram @dr.michelleboland
  • Tim Richardt Instagram @tim_richardt_dpt

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