Join me Mondays at 8am EST for a 60 minute at-home workout online for anyone who wants to maintain performance at home with limited equipment!


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Here is what to expect:

Warmup: (10-15 Minutes) Movement flows to prepare for the primary exercises.

Primary Exercises: (20-30 Minutes) Main exercise categories will be covered here! We will do squats, hip hinges, split squats, upper body push and pull exercises. We will use strategies such as isometric pauses, supersets, tempos, and density sets. We will pair primary lifts with jumping and speed movements. There will be different level exercises to choose from with bodyweight and basic home equipment.  

Conditioning: (10-15 Minutes) We will complete high intensity repeat circuits or low intensity continuous training to give ourselves a challenge!

Here's what you'll need: 

  • A Beach Towel
  • A Few Textbooks
  • A Chair or Ottoman 
  • A laptop, Ipad, or phone for ZOOM video
  • Optional: Water jug, backpack, free weights that you may have 

Here's what you'll get: 

  • A fast paced workout that will increase your heart rate and give you energy 
  • A workout designed to pair exercises in a specific manner to maximize results in less time
  • Creative exercises to maintain strength with limited equipment
  • Creative sequencing of exercises to get quality cardio in short amount of time
  • Access to the workout recordings to watch anytime with the Monthly plan