Stick with a fitness routine and get results all from your living room!

Learn how to build your own workouts, workout with a expert trainer, and get guided towards consistent fitness.

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MBT Full Training Routine for At Home Fitness

Here is what you will get:

  • How to build your own workouts following a step-by-step guide so your fitness never gets stale. 
  • How to never stop moving like an athlete even from home with small space plyometric and jumping activities to build speed and power. 
  • How to maintain strength using minimal equipment and basic household items. 
  • How to build endurance and aerobic capacity with interval training.
  • How to create consistency in our fitness all from your living room.  
Yes, I need this!

Here is what to expect:

  • An instant downloadable document including private links for pre-recorded workouts and a build-your-own-workout guide with exercise videos
  • No equipment warm-up routines
  • Small space plyometric, speed, and change of direction drills
  • No equipment interval conditioning routines
  • Access to 9 Full Performance-Based Workout recordings guided by Michelle to watch at your convenience

Here is what to expect for the Workout Recordings:

Warmup: (10-15 Minutes) Movement flows to prepare for the primary exercises.

Primary Exercises: (20-30 Minutes) Main exercise categories will be covered here! We will do squats, hip hinges, split squats, upper body push and pull exercises. We will use strategies such as isometric pauses, supersets, tempos, and density sets. We will pair primary lifts with jumping and speed movements. There will be different level exercises to choose from with bodyweight and basic home equipment.  

Conditioning: (10-15 Minutes) We will complete high intensity repeat circuits or low intensity continuous training to give ourselves a challenge!

Here's what you'll need for the Workout Recordings: 

  • A Beach Towel
  • A Few Textbooks
  • A Chair or Ottoman 
  • Optional: Water jug, backpack, free weights that you may have 

Here's what you'll get: 

  • A fast paced workout that will increase your heart rate and give you energy 
  • A workout designed to pair exercises in a specific manner to maximize results in less time
  • Creative exercises to maintain strength with limited equipment and cardio in short amount of time

What are people saying about the at home fitness routines?

"I've been doing Michelle's workouts since day one. She has driven me to stay active, moving, and training during quarantine. I can't thank her enough for the motivation every week! Her workouts are not only challenging but truly fun and enjoyable ! I always look forward to workouts with Michelle! I finish every workout with a smile and a great sense of accomplishment. The recordings are extremely useful when I'm unable to make it live or I want to repeat a workout. If you are looking for a well organized, challenging, and diverse weekly workout - look no further! Thank you Michelle for keeping me going!" - Monica

"I knew within the first 5 minutes of class that it was going to be a very “efficient” hour of fitness. Michelle’s opening warm-up sequence was creative and fun and prepared us for the next blast of primary exercises. Who knew you could get such a powerful workout with 2 textbooks and a towel? Modifications for each exercise were offered for skill level and mobility challenges. Best of all, although the class was remote, I felt included and totally relevant to other participants. Michelle monitored each of us during the workout and provide feedback, modifications, and support, live. As a result, I ended the class satisfied and attended to. Michelle offers an enthusiastic vibe and sense of community while getting the job done. Thank you, Michelle!"  -Susan

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Try a sample workout recording

Get ready for an all-out 60 minute workout ! 

In this session, we will perform warm-up activities focused on increasing heart rate while recapturing movement in the upper body, fake throws and jumps to teach transitioning from leg to leg, and main lifts that sequence holds, oscillation reps, and jumps, followed by a long duration hopping routine.

Sample Workout