Finally, The Tools To Make The Most Out Of Information To Become A Highly-Sought After PRINCIPLE-BASED COACH!


MBT Group Classroom

An 8-week group program that will take professionals to the next level by 
developing a system, so that you feel competent and confident in your value, attract ideal clients, and get your clients real results.

Yes, I’m In!

The fitness industry is flooding you with information, without giving you the tools to navigate through it.  

Our clients and athletes want a confident trainer who can direct their attention to the elements of training that matter and will get them results.  

Confidence comes by having a training IDENTITY that is reflected in your principles and systems. 

Join me and a group of professionals that want to stop being overwhelmed by the vastness of training methodologies, and want to be confident in their own skills. 

We will work together to consolidate your currently held knowledge and experience to create a structure for learning, transformation, and turning action into results.

Yes, ready to level up.


An 8-week implementation process to help you customize your own coaching identity and training system to help you get your clients real results that last.

Here’s what you can expect to get from the program

  • How to identify, formulate, and implement training principles
  • How to use principles to construct a unique coaching identity
  • How to use principles to better understand cutting edge fitness information
  • How to use principles to provide a higher quality services to clients and communicate more effectively
  • How principle-based coaching is proven process to implement state of the art fitness information
  • Develop a customized training system to get your general population clients and athletes results
  • Coaching strategies that will improve client effort and adherence
  • Develop processes to make YOUR training system scalable and sustainable
  • Structure in your coaching to increase hourly rate by decreasing preparation time
  • System development to create a concrete product worth marketing
  • Strategy discussions about creating a direction for professional development and learning

Here’s what you get

  • The truth about training principles and systems so that you can create your own frameworks and models.
  • How to uncover your own unique critical view of training so that you can create effective programs for your clients that are unique to you by uncovering what is important to you.
  • Discover how the essential elements of a training system will help you implement cutting edge fitness information.
  • A proven formula to consolidate knowledge through mind mapping so that you can start formulating principles unique to you!
  • Fitness Professional principles & model examples so you can visualize the process.
  • The difference between training principles vs principles of a trainer most coaches miss so that you can clarify your movement and coaching strategies
  • How to create your OWN training principles to build YOUR OWN unique identity.
  • Strategies to implement YOUR training model & principles.
  • How to turn principles into Strategies & Methods, so you can start building a full training system.
  • How to implement your principles into programming templates and planning, so you can build a training system that will get your clients & athletes results.
  • How to organize training sessions based on your principles.
  • How to transform your principles into communication strategies through descriptive terminology and cue selection.
  • How to formulate coaching strategies within your system to create a client experience, buy-in, and improve communication.
  • How to identify knowledge gaps and create action steps for future learning, so you can continue to be confident on your training strategies while keeping up on cutting edge fitness information. 
  • When and How to acquire new knowledge in order to fill gaps in your system and continue to improve. 
  • How to develop your message, market to ideal clients, grow your business, and turn your training system into a scalable and sustainable product. 
  • How to put your system into action!
  • What to Do Next & Course Exit Overview
  • How to create a process for exercise selection that reflects YOUR principles.
  • Full Access to the MBT Positional & Exercise Manuals to provide you with a step-by-step approach to exercise selection, progression, and movement standards
  • How to create movement definitions to improve coach-to-client/athlete communication.
  • Full Access to 11 previous special guest calls with leaders in the fitness and performance industries from Todd Bumgardner to Justin Moore to  Fergus Connolly to Beverley Simpson, and many more.

In addition to the weekly education, you’ll also get:

  • 1 individual call with Michelle during the course
  • 1 group video call per week, so you have access to your coach and community to get all of your questions answered.
  • Insight from Special Guests
  • Community forum to ask questions, exchange ideas, and build your network
  • Discussions focused on assignment overviews, Q&A, principle development, and planning strategies
  • Assignments related to creating principles, mind maps, processes, and templates for your training sessions
Yes, I’m in

Here's what people say


I’ve helped hundreds of clients and fitness professionals maximize their training results based on principles and now it’s your turn.

There are 3 things that frustrate me about education for personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and physical therapists:

1. The academic system fails to provide the skills needed to navigate the vast world of information. We try to do the right thing by going to continuing education events and course to help support our growth, but we end up failing at making information useful.

2. We gain information, not a mentor. You will most likely never have a conversation with a presenter at a weekend seminar and will never see them again following the seminar. You get lost in taking in all the rapid fire information and then fail at implementing.  

3. The courses are mostly theoretical and lack application within context. You receive a manual, that you will most likely never open again, and are sent on your way. You enjoy the course, but a few months later it’s like you never went. Your return on investment is low.

Meanwhile the academic system has us rolling in student loan debt and weekend seminars with travel can easily cost over $1,000.

We invest in information. BUT, what if that could change?

Instead of more information, what about skills to make information useful to us, our clients, and our business?

Instead of listening to a presenter for 16 hours and never being able to have a 1:1 conversation, what about a small group of our peers for support and a accessible instructor to ask personalize questions?

Discover an experience that will take a step back from MORE information and teach you the skills to navigate and implement information.

The MBT Strategy group classroom includes weekly content designed to provide YOU with the skills to identify, formulate, and implement YOUR own training methods.

We will work together to build principles, have weekly calls to problem solve, and conversations to provide context. You will turn your knowledge into a full principle-based training system.

At the end of the experience you will have confidence in your ability to get your clients results with the knowledge that you already have.

You will gain friends and a mentor that will continue beyond the 8 week course.

So, tell me are you in?

MBT Strategy Course Group Classroom

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I never want finances to be a barrier for continuing education. That is why I have also created an extended 5 month payment plan.

Extended Payment Plan

And These Bonuses are waiting for you when you join today:

Exercise Database 1st Edition.

A exercise database with over 190 exercise videos that you can use as a implementation tool to instantly grow your remote coaching services.

Access to all previous Strategy Course Group Classroom Special Guest calls.

Listen to previous calls with leading professionals in the fields of fitness, performance, and marketing. Learn how they have  applied their principles to grow their business, keep their professional athletes winning, and get their general population fitness clients results. 

Here’s what people say about the Group Classroom

Michelle is a fantastic professional to learn with.  She offers a wealth of experience and knowledge delivered in a thoughtful and friendly fashion.  It was helpful to see her model and systems and learn about process behind how she developed them. Michelle does an excellent job connecting participants with resources and examples that support developing your own model and systems.

-Levi Kirkpatrick

If you're a fitness professional trying to identify your own space and how to set yourself apart from others, this mentorship is a no-brainer. I think Michelle does a great job explaining how to identify your own training principles and have programs you create fall in line with your beliefs. Over the twelve week course you'll learn to apply the knowledge you already have and create a training model to influence your client communication, business strategy, exercise selection and programming templates. The twice weekly live calls in addition to the hours of pre-recorded content really provide real time support for any questions you may have to ensure success.

- Steven Reyes

I chose to join the MBT Strategy Group to create more structure and clarity on my coaching style and solidify my methods in writing. I wanted to work smarter not harder. 

My biggest struggle when I joined the classroom was organization. Throughout the course with the assignments, I began seeing that I actually did have a process I was following I just didn't realize it until I wrote down all the processes and principles that I base my decisions on. That has given me more confidence and security in what I do. 

My biggest struggles now are long term programming and I am currently using the template and the exercise database to develop a more timely and efficient programming strategy. 

I love the questions you posed to me for clarity on concepts etc, they were thought provoking and required me to dive deeper into my beliefs about what I do. When you asked me to think of HOW when refining  my principles, or defining skills and abilities. Diving deeper felt unnecessary, I thought my words were self explanatory but the more I defined something the more I either solidified why I used it or realized it wasn't applicable. 

I recommend working with Michelle for anyone who

  • Struggles with organizing their thoughts or ideas
  • Wants to reflect and perfect their professional strategy
  • Wants to optimize their time by having a plan, process, and principles in place

The group classroom provides a great support system for accountability and the range of professional experience and perspective encourages thought provoking discussions and productive feedback in a judgment free space.

- Crystal Thomas

I have taken many courses and continued my education, but what I realized from being in this course, was that no one is teaching you how to use that accumulated knowledge.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this course to take my training and business to the next level. This course has allowed me to create a more streamlined message to my potential clients of who I am and what I can do for them.

By far the best money and time I’ve ever invested in continuing education.

Even though I had a model and principles in place, it allowed me to identify gaps in my model and fill them.

Michelle is an amazing teacher, she has the ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand and ask the right questions at the right time”.

Co-Owner of Function and Strength

I am in my first couple of years in the industry, and was feeling so overwhelmed with the never ending open platform of information. I had no idea where to start, what to trust, how to get focused. Then I found Michelle & the MBT Strategy group.It has brought helped me bring back some focus and find a starting point. Throughout the 12 weeks I have been introduced to amazing people in my classroom & really enjoyed the guest speakers throughout. Michelle has such a vast knowledge of the industry, is top class at what she does and the best part is she is so honest, open & willing to share her experience with others. I struggled with defining my principles & understanding creating my own model but Michelle has been incredible patience, encouraging & helpful. My biggest takeaway has been - "That I know enough" I was so scared that I'm not good enough, I don't know enough & I don't know where to start. But I have enough for where I am at and Michelle & the others in my group have shown me the pathway to grow & learn to excel in my career. This is only the beginning, now instead of being scared I am excited.

– Natasha

This course has by far been the most influential course I’ve ever taken. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have incredible professors in undergrad and grad school. Unfortunately, standard academic schooling doesn’t make a place in the curriculum to teach us students how to integrate the information we learn into our own SYSTEM/MODEL. It doesn’t teach us how to find and use OUR OWN VOICES. The Strategy Course Group Classroom bridges this gap and does it WELL in an organized yet fluid fashion. I can not recommend this course highly enough to ALL physical therapists and fitness professionals.

–Michelle Landis, DPT

"I checked off another certification, and had just finished an amazing 3-month long course and I found myself frozen with information, yet feeling like I "still didn't know enough," how do I implement all of this new knowledge without getting lost in it, or feeling overwhelmed? Then Michelle's Strategy Course hit my inbox, and I knew this wouldn't be another course to add to the pile of information in my head, but a course that could help me sort through all of the knowledge I did have, help me organize and put it to use. Not only did Michelle help us sort through information, but she challenged us to dig deeper and really pull our belief systems to the surface, identify them, and write them down in an organized, principle-driven format. I now have a clear picture of who I am as a trainer and coach, I have a system I can use for any client, and a filter for any new information I learn. I can't thank her enough for helping me find my voice, having given so much of her time and energy into providing the insight and tools needed to take my coaching to the next level. If you are on the fence, be assured that this is not "just another course" and it is worth every penny."

–Jess Voyer

“When I found out about Michelle Boland’s course, I signed up and it proved to be one of the BEST things that has ever happened to my training for myself, my clients, and business in general. She helped me break down everything I knew and also taught me to filter through new information and fit it within what I already know. So I am taking in new information, but not getting rid of the old, useful information.

On top of that, she taught me how to take that information and turn it into actionable strategies that not only made programming easier, but it streamlined it so I can be more efficient and take on more clients with more confidence.


–Kyle Reinstadtler

I’m so certain this program is EXACTLY what you need to level up your coaching and training skills, that I’m willing to take on ALL THE RISK.

Join today and if in 30 days you show me that you’ve done the work and aren’t happy with your results? I’ll refund you no questions asked.

Yes, ready to level up.


Yes, I’m in

About Michelle

I grew up in central Massachusetts where my interest for athletics and playing sports began. I played soccer, basketball, and ran track at the collegiate level while studying Nutrition. After reflecting on my life passion for athletics and sports performance training, I decided to pursue a higher education degree in strength and conditioning (M.S.) and exercise physiology (PhD) at Springfield College (MA).

I have several years of professional experience as a strength and conditioning coach at a Division 1 institution working with a nationally ranked top 5 Women’s Ice Hockey team, a nationally ranked top 10 Men’s Ice Hockey team, and other teams including Field Hockey, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Basketball. I then created my own company, Michelle Boland Training, in order to support others in achieving their performance and fitness goals to the best of my abilities.