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The Resource Road Map 4.0

A 1-Stop-Shop guide filled with the best resources in the fitness & performance industry from the leading industry professionals, so you no longer have to waste time searching.

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STOP and take a moment to think about what is missing from your training programs and coaching skills…

Maybe you have a feeling that your programming isn’t delivering your clients results

Maybe you have a sense that your ability to coach exercises is limiting your client results…

Maybe you believe that your biomechanics knowledge is preventing your clients from moving better

When you are ready to TAKE ACTION, download the NEW Resource Road Map 4.0 to gain access to all the top resources in the fitness industry and start making strides towards improving your coaching, getting your clients better results with programming, keeping clients out of pain, and attracting more clients to make more money.

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Inside You'll Find:

  • Exactly the information needed to guarantee client results
  • The tools you need to start taking action towards becoming a better coach, improving your programming skills, and growing your business
  • Learn the best cutting edge information in the fitness industry
  • Turn your new knowledge into action by attracting new clients, retaining current clients, and create a reputation of being  a well sought after coach
  • One-stop-shop from the best people in the industry

What to Expect:

  • A 50 page document outlining the Best Fitness & Performance Articles, Podcasts, Books, Courses, Seminars, and Social Media Accounts to follow
  • You will find the best resources in subjects such as:
    • Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, and Performance Training
    • Coaching & Personal Development
    • Behavior, The Brain, Stress & Human History
    • Biomechanics & Movement
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness Entrepreneurship & The Business of Fitness
    • Working with People in Pain
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About Michelle

I grew up in central Massachusetts where my interest for athletics and playing sports began. I played soccer, basketball, and ran track at the collegiate level while studying Nutrition. After reflecting on my life passion for athletics and sports performance training, I decided to pursue a higher education degree in strength and conditioning (M.S.) and exercise physiology (PhD) at Springfield College (MA).

I have several years of professional experience as a strength and conditioning coach at a Division 1 institution working with a nationally ranked top 5 Women’s Ice Hockey team, a nationally ranked top 10 Men’s Ice Hockey team, and other teams including Field Hockey, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Basketball. I then created my own company, Michelle Boland Training, in order to support others in achieving their performance and fitness goals to the best of my abilities.