Building Resiliency Through Language

This video is a replay from the Webinar on August 19th 2020. 

We discuss strategies to improve our standards of communication and how to match our intention with our impact using language with leaders in the fields of performance coaching and physical therapy.


-Michelle Boland

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Learn More About The Presenters:

• Zachary Cupples, DPT CSCS is a practicing physical therapist and strength coach. For more information on Zac, click here.
• Michelle Boland, PhD is a performance coach and the owner of Michelle Boland Training. For more information on Michelle, click here.
• Jarred Boyd, DPT, ATC, SCS, CSCS is the Performance Physical Therapist for the Memphis Grizzlies. For more information on Jarred, click here.
• Lucy Hendricks is a movement specialist and co-owner of Enhancing Life. For more information on Lucy, click here.
• Dan Sanzo, ATC, CSCS is the Associate Director of Sports Performance at Northeastern University & Owner of Strategic Fitness Training. For more information on Dan, click here.