Remote Programs & Coaching 


Personalized Training Programs, Access to Exercise Video Database, & Communication


  • Work with a non-local coach that you trust
  • Receive an individualized exercise regimen and coach feedback without paying for private training
  • Train on your own time! There is no scheduling based on a private trainer’s time slots
  • Ask questions, send videos, and receive digital feedback
  • Receive video descriptions for every exercise
  • Learn from an experienced coach who will tailor a exercise routine based on your abilities, goals, and schedule

Premium - Remote


Most Popular

2 Training Sessions per Week for a 5 Week Duration

  • Training frequency of 2 days per week
  • Training program based on client goals
  • Hyperlinks to exercises
  • Shared document for program notes
  • Unlimited email communication for questions and check-ins
  • Video exchange for coaching feedback
  • 10% off month discount code for referral

Platinum - Remote


Top features

3-4 Training Sessions per Week for a 5 Week Duration

  • New program video orientation call included
  • Training frequency of 3-4 days per week 
  • Training program based on client goals
  • Hyperlinks to exercises
  •  Shared document for program notes
  • Unlimited email communication for questions and check-ins
  • Video exchange for coaching feedback
  • 10% off month discount code for referral

“Michelle’s extensive experience with both the theoretical considerations of program design and their practical applications to actually coaching people was what made my decision to train with her a no-brainer.

Her programs are clearly well thought out, specific, and structured with purpose. She has helped me feel more explosive and resilient than ever, while at the same time challenging my own biases surrounding movement, performance, and program design. If you are ready to push your own performance and practical knowledge to the next level, look no further than Michelle.”

- Chris M.

“I started working with Michelle in hopes of breaking out of a cycle of on-and-off training with intermittent injuries and no real direction in my fitness. Working with Michelle has been a complete game-changer for me.

I've worked with many 'trainers' in the past, but that term doesn't even begin to define what she does. First, she did a thorough and complete analysis of my anatomy in order to determine where my deficiencies were and then she began attacking all of these areas with a systematic approach that has continued to move me toward (and now past!) the fitness goals I expressed to her several months ago.

I have not felt as strong, mobile, or durable as I do now and I have Michelle to thank for that! If you want to commit to taking your fitness to the next level and achieving the things you think you cannot, then Michelle is your girl! And you will meet and work with an amazing human being in the process!“

-Anthony L.

“Michelle epitomizes the best of what I look for in a personal trainer. She’s passionate, curious, and detail-oriented about fitness in a way that gets me excited about my workouts. She has been consistently attentive to my fitness goals, pushing me to excel while accommodating chronic pain issues that have derailed my workouts in the past.

The individualized remote programs that she writes, in combination with her detailed exercise videos, have been a lifesaver in these socially-distanced times and are the perfect companion to the 1-on-1 sessions. Do your health a favor and reach out to Michelle asap!”

-Bob C.

"I’ve had a terrific experience working with Michelle! As a 50-year-old amateur golfer with some various past injuries (herniated disc, hip labrum surgery), I came to Michelle with a variety of goals that all seemed very important to me. Something like, ‘please ensure that I stay injury free and become more mobile while also increasing strength and power so that I hit a golf ball further than ever. And, by the way, there will be times of the year that I have less than ideal facilities to accomplish this while I travel’.

Michelle has always been up for the challenge. When we started working together, she encouraged me to go through several assessments which allowed her to set up a very customized program that was in line with my goals. As the months have gone on, she has continued to ramp and customize my exercises based on my progress and ongoing feedback. The results have been terrific – I have been able to stay injury free, feel more mobile while also improving my performance. My clubhead speed is at an all time high and I feel great. Specific to golf, Michelle has also given me some specific exercises that keep my body balanced and my posture optimized that has undoubtedly kept my swing more consistent.

Lastly, Michelle is just a great person to work with. She is always very responsive, encouraging and kind. It has always been obvious to me that she is invested in my success and will encourage me to take actions (such as: send her videos of my exercises) that allow her to provide the best direction for me to proceed.

I have worked with several physical therapists, golf fitness professionals, trainers and strength & conditioning coaches over the past 25 years and I would put Michelle among the very best that I have worked with. To me, she has the interpersonal skills and a unique exercise skillset/knowledge/background that allows her to provide a program that implements all of those approaches to allow someone to perform to the best of their ability." -Jeff S.