Principle-Based Coaching Webinar Replay

This video is a replay from the Webinar on October 1st 2020. 


Learn the steps towards utilizing training principles and finding your unique coaching identity.


-Michelle Boland

Become a Principle-Based Coach

What if your continuing education experience could change?

Instead of MORE information, what about the skills to make information useful to us, our clients, and our business?

Instead of listening to a presenter for 16 hours and never being able to have a 1:1 conversation, what about a small group of our peers for support and a accessible instructor to ask personalize questions?

Discover the experience of the MBT Strategy Group Classroom which includes weekly content designed to provide YOU with the skills to identify, formulate, and implement YOUR own training methods.

We will work together to build principles, have weekly calls to problem solve, and conversations to provide context. You will turn your knowledge into a full principle-based training system.

At the end of the experience you will have confidence in your ability to get your clients results with the knowledge that you already have.

You will gain friends and a mentor that will continue beyond the 12 week course.

So, tell me are you in?

Yes, I'm In!