Strategies to Improve Movement Quality.

The following presentation will help you,

  • Get your clients and athletes to become better movers while also making GAINS in the weight room
  • Understand how offset positions, offset loading strategies, and alternating grip patterns can improve movement quality
  • Build a training program and select exercises without having to choose between a simple corrective exercise that is targeted to help someone move better and a complex lift that is targeted to get them jacked

The 4 SIMPLE RULES allow you to make small tweaks to exercises in order to help people move better, WHILE still getting 80-90% of a training effect from the loading. In other words, we can still get our clients strong and powerful without turning them into walking refrigerators.


Never Question Your EXERCISE Selection Again

I speak from personal experience, as a personal trainer, when I say it can be challenging to navigate through all of your client’s aches, pains, and movement hiccups. 

In a social media guru filled world, there is so much information about magic corrective exercises to FIX your clients movement struggles. 

We then think we are Harry Potter and build out our sessions and training programs around these corrective exercises. 

BUT, what ends up happening is that our fitness TRAINING sessions start feeling like a bad physical therapy experience.

Our clients are not TRULY becoming better movers. Our clients are not TRULY gaining muscle or looking better in a bathing suit.

They are in no man's land, not getting results, and being held back. Not to worry though!

The NEW Position Principles course will both provide you with the knowledge and application tools to get your clients moving better WHILE still making gains in the weight room.  

Check out this quick and concise course that will help you to avoid leaving behind the greatest factor in getting your clients and athletes to move better!

Learn More about Position Principles
Learn More about Position Principles