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Training Program

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Anyone Who Wants Physical Results

  • You have a commercial gym membership and want a plan to follow or you are an ex-athlete looking for the next challenge
  • You are ready for an easy-to-follow training program that you can complete on your own time
  • Want exercise technique videos that show you what to do from an experienced trainer without the personal trainer price
  • Want training sessions that can be completed during a busy workday and doesn't require hours of your time
  • Wants to train and feel athletic while making strength and conditioning progress
  • Wants a clear training path and a resource for accountability and consistency
  • Wants progressions for strength gains, endurance building, and movement quality to support any fitness or body composition goal
Yes, that is me!

Anyone Who Wants to Learn by Doing

  • You are a fitness professional, performance coach, personal trainer, physical therapist, or are just really interested in training
  • You want full insight into how the program was created, videos for all exercises, rationale for progressions, and a full program outline to learn more about the training concepts
  • Want a training program that combines fitness, performance training, and program writing education with the benefits of going through the physical experience yourself with a clear training path to understand the implementation strategies
  • You create training programs for other people but aren't prioritizing your own fitness and want the accountability from your own coach
  • You want to see a different perspective on program design and progressions that you can implement with the people you work with 
Yes, I need this!

What this program is all about:

  • 20-Weeks of a Full Body training program
  • 5 week Phases
  • 4 Phases
  • 3-4 days per week
  • 45-60 minute training sessions with standard gym equipment
  • Easy-to-follow training structure with clearly defined progressions
  • A clear training path towards outcomes
  • A resource for accountability and consistency
  • Progressions for strength gaining, endurance building, and movement quality

Here is what to expect:

  • Full insight into how the program was written, training concepts utilized, and rationale for progression
  • Videos for every exercise
  • Access to an MBT account to download each training phase and programming education content
  • Video explanation of the training program
  • Lifetime access
Yes, I need this!

Why this program is different:

  • Combines training program education with the physical work to truly experience the implementation of training concepts
  • Considerations for individual shapes, training levels, & equipment access
  • Individualized cues and positional needs to maximize results
  • Structured framework with flexibility
  • Trackable metrics for progression feedback
  • Sustainable training strategies coinciding with physical challenges


Are you more like a Kangaroo or a Gorilla? 

The ENDURE & REPEAT training program takes into consideration individual needs and qualities.

You will be asked a few questions before you get started about your shape and preference for various fitness and movement qualities. 

The training program will then provide you suggestions, cues, positions, and strategies that are based on your specific needs. 

These subtle tweaks and considerations will help you remove barriers towards reaching your performance potential and maximize your strengths. 

Yes, I am ready!


The ability to do more work over time and express various ranges of intensity is the framework behind the Endure & Repeat Training Program. Lets outline theses two main themes within this program:


  • The ability to do more work over time is going to fall under the domain of improving capacity, specifically the fitness quality of Strength Endurance.
  • This fitness quality will be defined as the ability to perform a task for longer periods of time.
  • There will be embedded tests within the program to monitor,

1) doing more work within a given amount of time and

2) doing the same amount of work in less time.

  • Strategies and methods to help attain capacity will be higher repetition schemes and slow tempos.
  • Feedback avenues to track progress will include AMRAPS, 15-20 RMs, repeatable RMS, Density Blocks, and Race for Time Blocks.
  • The Density Blocks will track how much work you can do in a given amount of time and the Race for Time Blocks will track your ability to do the same amount of work in less time.


  • The ability to express various ranges of intensity and the ability to reproduce those intensities falls under the domain of improving repeatability.
  • We will categorize this into reproducible outputs and define this quality as the ability to produce high efforts then reproduce.
  • There will be embedded tests within the program to monitor

1) doing more work within a given amount of time and

2) maintaining work being done with repeated durations.

  • Strategies and methods will be Density Sets, low to moderate repetition schemes, output tracking, contrast pairing, and short duration intervals.
  • Feedback avenues to track progress will include RMs, repeatable RMs, and short duration outputs.
  • Do not fear Repetition Maxes (RM), surprise yourself with learning what you are capable of doing!

The program outlines strategies and methods to attain these fitness quality, trackable metrics for progress feedback, and exact implementation strategies that target the adaptation.

Get the program and start learning by doing.

Training Themes for Specific Adaptations

All Weekly Training will be divided into three training day themes:

Day 1 Theme

Capacity Strength Endurance: Dynamic Task Tempos

  • Slow Tempos 3/0/3, Isometrics, and Eccentric tempos
  • Moderate Repetition Range
  • Dynamic Tasks such as squats or hinges
  • Full Body Session
  • Long Duration Interval Block Finishers, Density Blocks, and Race for Time Finishers

Day 2 Theme

Repeatability: Dynamic Tasks with Pauses, Pulses, or Quick Returns

  • Unilateral & Alternating Loading
  • Athletic skill development exercises progressed with Pauses, Bounces, and Quick Returns
  • Low-moderate repetition range
  • Full Body Session
  • Short Duration Interval Block Finishers
  • Training Theme becomes main focus in Phase 4

Day 3 Theme

Capacity Strength Endurance: Constrained Tasks for Volume

  • Core Thorax and Pelvis Focus Section
  • Embedded testing for progress feedback
  • Volume-Based day
  • Higher repetition ranges
  • Constrained Tasks such as machines (options provided)
  • Full Body Session
  • Volume Accumulation Finishers

Training Principles and Concepts within Each Session

Sections of each training session are emphasized or deemphasized based on the daily training theme. Each session will typically be laid out as below:


  • Hard work in sensorimotor competency exercises that transition into dynamic exercises that heat the body
  • Full-body warm-up activities to support added intensity and resistance

Preparation of Proximal Position

  • Rib and pelvis positional exercises that will be supportive towards added intensity and resistance
  • Cues may differ between individuals 

Skill Acquisition with Intensity & Reactivity

  • Skill development drills to acquire the ability to transition from leg to leg, producing force and intensity through effort and safety

Skill Acquisition with Resistance

  • Drills to address movement fears, needs, and competency within capabilities and skills

Repeatability & Capacity Intervals – Short & Long Duration

  • Hard work in building endurance and repeatability


Start Moving Like A Gazelle

The Endure & Repeat training program will teach you athletic skills. These skills will be developed with dynamic exercises performed in the beginning of each session.

These athletic-based exercises will be progressed by adding a pause, bouncing or pulsing before a return, then adding a quick return.

These progressions are abilities within the skill of changing direction.

The progression order,

  1. teaches the individual how to absorb force through pausing and sticking, then
  2. teaches the transition through pulsing or bouncing to create momentum for a return, then
  3. teaches to produce force through quick returns.

Within a training session I use contrast pairing to implement these dynamic movements, which is putting together two exercises with the first being biased towards loading and the second being biased towards speed.

Gain Strength While Staying Bouncy & Quick!




5 Monthly Payments

  • Lower payments throughout the 5 month training program
  • Access to MBT account for lifetime access to training program and educational materials

One-Time Payment


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  • One-time purchase payment
  • $50 discount 
  • Access to MBT account for lifetime access to training program and educational materials

Prioritize Your Fitness.

Get off the ground and learn ways to move better while still getting YOKED!

The ENDURE & REPEAT training program will get you lifting heavier, outlasting others, and moving like a gazelle. 

You will not be doing a bunch of slow stuff and laying down to exhale for 20 minutes. 

Instead of wanting to take a nap after your warm-up, the training program will include specific unilateral activities, plyos, and throws that will get you moving better and making steps towards your fitness potential. 

The word ‘specific’ is related to the options that the training program includes. There are options for your specific goals and movement capabilities. We will address your positional work with solid exercise selection. 

Start Prioritizing Your Fitness

If you are willing to put in the work, this will be the most rewarding training process you have ever embarked upon... 

In addition, the program includes an overview explaining progressions, training concepts, and includes trackable metrics and videos for all exercises.

Yes, I am Ready