Become A Highly-Sought After Coach That Gets Results.


The complete and simple step-by-step process to help you include cutting edge fitness principles into your programming, so that you can build efficient and effective programs for lasting client results.

Yes, I’m in.

Whether you are just beginning or looking to improve your coaching skills, you are probably feeling like your coaching or programming isn’t getting the best results for your clients.

I get it.

The landscape of continuing education and academics is failing us as coaches:

  • Most certifications miss key coaching variables and principles
  • seminars expect you to take in months of information within a quick weekend
  • the academic system is too focused on one element of coaching
  • books don’t provide practical experience
  • coaches rarely show themselves teaching beginner athletes
  • and there is no course out there that provides access to all the variables that contribute to coaching success

That is why I created the...

Every training resource, course, book, seminar, or coach has TWO sources of value.

1. Information, Knowledge, and Content which mostly serve as Methods
2. Organizational strategies that serve as a model, framework, and structure within your coaching

But the problem is that training resources only offer one or the other. Most programs don't give you the organizational skills you need to effectively implement the information so that your clients can get real results.

Then you end up duplicating someone else's programs, instead of being your own critical thinker and creating your OWN programs.

The goal is to build a framework of your own. This will provide guardrails for your decision making, making sure you are not easily swayed outside of the plan towards results and make methods more usefulness.

Which is exactly what the NEW Strategy Complete Coaching Course is designed to do.

After you finish the course you will have the training knowledge and the organizational tools to be able to utilize knowledge appropriately. You will also get the skills to start creating your own framework to become A COMPLETE and highly-sought after COACH.

In the course, I lay out the 4 Pillars of Complete Coaching and how to master each pillar to maximize your programming efficiency and coaching effectiveness so your clients and athletes will adhere and get long lasting results!

What will the MBT Strategy Complete Coaching Course provide you?

A complete coach has a foundation of conditioning, strength training, and biomechanics...BUT more importantly a complete coach can communicate that knowledge effectively and put that knowledge into ACTION.

The Strategy Course Complete Coaching will develop all of these components:

1. Training Knowledge 

2. Teaching Strategies

3. Communication Strategies

4. Implementation Strategies

So YOUR clients and athletes can get the results they want!

Each component of Coaching will set you up to have:

  • a successful career including greater income
  • quality coach to client relationships
  • more client buy-in and adherence
  • more client success stories
  • better communication to potential clients
  • and clarity in your coaching business message

Each component is achieved through the 4 Pillars of Complete Coaching.

Are you ready to become a more Complete Coaching?

Yes, I am in!

1. Training Principles within Module 1

  • Training Principles provide structure and a framework to formulate your coaching identity.
  • Principles will provide the framework to build session templates, programming templates, coaching strategies, and exercise selection decisions to maximize client and athlete learning, communication, and execution.
  • Principle and model development is invaluable for organizational skills and coaching success

2. Organizational Strategies within Module 2-8

  • Developing a process for exercise selection to provide an efficient avenue for programming
  • This section includes the Position and Exercise Manuals that will maximize your coaching abilities paired with HOURS of coaching videos
  • Coaching videos include watching me take a beginner level athlete through exercise variations and teaching through exercise sequencing
  • Position & Exercise Manuals includes definitions, biomechanical explanations, common cues, technique, variations, and common mistakes for each category

3. Programming Strategies within Module 9

  • Programming strategies include topics such as elements of programming, intention within your choices, creating a learning environment, developing a process for program design, implementation of training principles, and programming for both teams and 1:1 clients.
  • Module 9 also covers program design variables, progression, and beginner considerations
  • Includes Plug & Play Program Templates that will provide guidance to your programming process and efficiency

4. Communication Strategies within Module 10

  • Communication Strategies will cover the soft skills of coaching
  • How to match your exercise selection with your language to maximize exercise execution
  • Module 10 will cover how the quality of your coaching matters, innate vs adaptive coaching personalities, and implementation of coaching strategies within program design.


"MBT Strategy is one of the best courses I have taken. It is so much more valuable than a weekend cert, as Michelle helps you slow down and really take time to evaluate your principles and values. The course has helped me communicate more clearly to my clients and my staff and has allowed me to grow in ownership of my coaching ability."


"Michelle’s course was a great investment towards learning how to develop a principle-based model for training, and learning how to communicate said model. All the while being surrounded by a community of other like-minded trainers working together to help and grow each other."


"The amount of information that you get from this course definitely exceeded my expectations for the price. I loved how Michelle organized and structure this course. It has everything you need to know on how to create, teach and implement your training model."


"Michelle did an amazing job taking something that hasn't been highlighted much which is combining the art of coaching with how to learn about coaching and yourself to in turn make you a better coach. She does an amazing job breaking things down and provides valuable resources that you can come back to continuously to help evolve your own model as you continue to learn more."


"Clarity and direction are two things we all need in our careers. As it pertains to education and application, Michelle’s course does just that. If you want to figure a clear way to apply everything you are learning, then this course is a must."



  •  How to create your own training principles in order to guide decision making
  •  How to effectively coach fundamental positions and exercises
  •  How to create exercises based upon intent and the MBT exercise creation model
  • How to utilize both your innate and adaptive personality to maximize your coaching and cueing effectiveness
  • How to create processes to maximize programming efficiency
  • How to easily build programs that will track and lead to real results 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Go-at-your own pace through twelve modules 
  • Modules filled with downloadable educational resources, lecture videos, assignments, and quizzes
  • Over six hours of exercise coaching videos and beginner level instruction with real-time problem solving
  • Downloadable programming templates and sample training programs
  • Immediate access to the private Strategy Community Facebook Page to network with like-minded peers and get your questions answered throughout your journey

Complete Coaching Module Outline

Week 1: Introduction to Training Principles & Implementation

  • Review of how you will turn your training principles and model into action to become a complete coach
  • Review of the course structure, course schedule, and course learning objectives

Week 2: Module 1: Training Principles & Model

  • The truth about training principles, models, and discovering your belief system so that you can develop the skills to create your own coaching framework
  • How you can use principles to filter new training information to become a leader in the fitness industry
  • Action steps to create your own training principles and model
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 3-5: Module 2-4: Position Manual

  • Develop your teaching skills of fundamental positions in order to maximize client exercise technique  
  • Definitions, common cues, technique, variations, and common mistakes for each of the 9 positions: supine, prone, sidelying, seated, tall kneeling, half kneeling, bilateral standing, front to back staggered, & lateral staggered positions 
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 6-9: Module 5-8: Exercise Manual

  • How to improve programming time efficiency and create a process for exercise selection with the use of the MBT Exercise Creation Model 
  • Definitions, common cues, technique, variations, and common mistakes for each of the 9 exercise categories: knee dominant, hip dominant bilateral and unilateral/staggered stance, horizontal and vertical push and pull, and chop/lifts.
  • Beginner coaching videos for concept and strategy teaching
  • Bonus isolated and conditioning exercises that incorporate positions
  • Exercise Regression & Progression resource
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 10: Module 9: Coaching Strategies

  • How to formulate coaching strategies within your system to create a client experience, buy-in, and improve communication. 
  • Quiz

Week 11-12: Module 10: Putting it All Together

  • How to implement your principles into programming templates and planning, so you can build a training system that will get your clients & athletes results
  • How to organize programming process to maximize your effectiveness both with athletic teams and 1:1 personal training clients  
  • How to put your system into ACTION with skills to create your OWN process for organizing variables, progressions, and beginner considerations
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 13: Bonus Material Modules (includes resources and videos)

  • The MBT 12 Week Training Program Template 
  • Five downloadable sample training programs 
  • Hidden Curriculum 
  • Avoiding Scare Tactics
  • You are a trainer. TRAIN
  • Creating a template for session structure
  • How to create a Filtering Framework for Useful Learning 
  • Home Fitness Routine Program
  • Movement Definitions 
  • Programming Athletic Qualities in General Population Clients 
  • Additional Resource Recommendations

Yes, I’m in

Just a Quick Recap:

The Strategy Complete Coaching Course will lay out the 4 Pillars of Complete Coaching and how to master each pillar to maximize your programming efficiency and coaching effectiveness, so you clients and athletes will adhere and get long lasting results!

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MBT Strategy Complete Coaching Course

The 12 module fully-online course will provide you with training knowledge, teaching skills, communication strategies, and implementation strategies to become a Complete Coach! 

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Programming Athleticism for General Population Clients Bonus Video

Learn how to create athletic-style programs for your inactive clients utilizing the 4 Pillars of Complete Coaching!

Here is what to expect:

  • How to create athletic style programs for your general population clients
  • How to include relative high intensity force production and speed activities into your programming
  • How to utilize programming checklists Organizational strategies for programming to maximize your preparation time and client results

About Michelle

I grew up in central Massachusetts where my interest for athletics and playing sports began. I played soccer, basketball, and ran track at the collegiate level while studying Nutrition. After reflecting on my life passion for athletics and sports performance training, I decided to pursue a higher education degree in strength and conditioning (M.S.) and exercise physiology (PhD) at Springfield College (MA).

I have several years of professional experience as a strength and conditioning coach at a Division 1 institution working with a nationally ranked top 5 Women’s Ice Hockey team, a nationally ranked top 10 Men’s Ice Hockey team, and other teams including Field Hockey, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Basketball. I then created my own company, Michelle Boland Training, in order to support others in achieving their performance and fitness goals to the best of my abilities.