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I know what it is like to be overwhelmed with the amount of fitness methodologies. Years ago, I lacked the confidence to make programming and coaching decisions because I wasn’t able to consolidate my knowledge and experience to get the best results for my clients and athletes.

Lets face it, being overwhelmed with information creates indecision and lack of rationale for decisions, which limits your ability to get the best results for your clients and athletes. 

So, what did I do to gain confidence in my coaching and remove feeling overwhelmed by fitness methodologies to streamline my decision making and guarantee my clients results?

I created a process to guide my decision making and formulated training principles. Principles provided me structure and allowed me to filter the vast amounts of training information, so I can focus on getting outcomes


Now, I want to share this process with you through the MBT Strategy: Training Principles & Implementation Online Course.

Most people get lost in their coaching methodologies because they have not taken the time to determine their own coaching identity and what they believe is important in fitness and coaching. 

Principles and Model development allows you to build a framework to categorize and consolidate new information, so you can add new scaffolding as you grow as a coach! 

The online Strategy course will provide you with the tools to build out your OWN efficient training structure, processes, and create confidence through articulating your training beliefs. Assignments and quizzes will create accountability through modules.

An efficient training structure will help you track client outcomes, get client results while keeping them out of pain, hone in on your coaching skills, and develop a consistent product worth marketing. 

Models, principles, and processes are tools for developing yourself as a fitness professional and/or performance coach and provide avenues for improved learning... 

and the ultimate tool is the ability to implement your training principles and models!

That is what the MBT Strategy: Training Principles & Implementation Online Course will provide you!

What is Principle-Based Coaching?


Principles are rules or beliefs that guide behavior and serve as a chain of reasoning. They are phrases that you can remember to direct behavior. Phrases are a small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit. Principles will provide conceptual thinking to categorize new information and make sense of training methods. 


As a principle-based coach you will utilize constructed phrases to build session templates, programming templates, coaching strategies, and exercise selection decisions to maximize client and athlete learning, communication, and execution. If your clients or athletes learn better through your coaching, if you can communicate about what is important to you, if you can have confidence with your decisions, and if your clients and athletes execute the prescribed exercises you provide with perfect technique...they will get results!


  •  How to create your own training principles in order to guide decision making
  •  How to effectively coach fundamental positions and exercises
  •  How to create exercises based upon intent and the MBT exercise creation model
  • How to utilize both your innate and adaptive personality to maximize your coaching and cueing effectiveness
  • How to implement coaching strategies into your program design and elements of progress
  • How to implement your training principles and model into your programming

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Twelve weeks of ten Modules 
  • Modules filled with downloadable educational resources, lecture videos, coaching videos, and learning objectives
  • Modules include assignments and quizzes
  • Over six hours of exercise coaching videos 
  • Over eight hours of lecture videos exploring elements of coaching, programming, exercise selection and principle development
  • Downloadable programming templates and sample training programs


"MBT Strategy is one of the best courses I have taken. It is so much more valuable than a weekend cert, as Michelle helps you slow down and really take time to evaluate your principles and values. The course has helped me communicate more clearly to my clients and my staff and has allowed me to grow in ownership of my coaching ability."


"Michelle’s course was a great investment towards learning how to develop a principle-based model for training, and learning how to communicate said model. All the while being surrounded by a community of other like-minded trainers working together to help and grow each other."


"The amount of information that you get from this course definitely exceeded my expectations for the price. I loved how Michelle organized and structure this course. It has everything you need to know on how to create, teach and implement your training model."


"Michelle did an amazing job taking something that hasn't been highlighted much which is combining the art of coaching with how to learn about coaching and yourself to in turn make you a better coach. She does an amazing job breaking things down and provides valuable resources that you can come back to continuously to help evolve your own model as you continue to learn more."


"Clarity and direction are two things we all need in our careers. As it pertains to education and application, Michelle’s course does just that. If you want to figure a clear way to apply everything you are learning, then this course is a must."


This course will allow you to FINALLY take a step back from the continuous flood of fitness information to learn the skills to use information you have acquired to get your athletes and clients results on the gym floor. 

You already know enough!

NOW you must learn the skills to consolidate your training knowledge and experience into a framework and structure!

Then you will become a principle-based coach and your clients and athletes will gain the benefits!

Your client and athlete outcomes are determined by your understanding of their needs and wants, AS WELL as an understanding of YOURSELF and what YOU deem to be important. This is not another information filled course or mentioning models and systems without teaching you the skills to create a coaching identity and practicality. 

You will turn your currently held knowledge, beliefs, and experience into action through application, creativity, and implementation skills. Structure will provide you with a framework for decision making with the people that you are working with and that is what is invaluable.

Module Outline

Week 1: Introduction

  • Covers the purpose of the entire course, course structure, course schedule, course learning objectives, and belief systems related to learning.

Week 2: Module 1: Model & Training Principles

  • Covers the usefulness of developing a model and training principles, creating an information filter, the MBT model and training principles, and action steps to create your own model and training principles.
  • Action steps to create your own training principles and model
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 3-5: Module 2-4: Position Manual

  • Covers the use of positions as multi-purpose control for the basis of specificity and transfer of training patterns. 
  • The position manual will be broken down into three primary sections:
    • Part 1: Manual Overview, Supine & Prone positions
    • Part 2: Sidelying, Seated, Tall Kneeling, & 1/2 Kneeling positions
    • Part 3: Bilateral Standing, Front to Back Staggered, & Lateral Staggered positions 
  • Position Manual includes definitions, common cues, technique, variations, and common mistakes for each of the 9 position categories
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 6-9: Module 5-8: Exercise Manual

  • Covers the use of the MBT Exercise Creation Model as a process for principle-based exercise selection
  • The exercise manual will be broken into 4 primary sections:
    • Part 1: Manual overview, Teaching videos, Knee & Hip Dominant Bilateral Categories
    • Part 2: Knee & Hip Dominant Unilateral/Staggered Stance Categories
    • Part 3: Horizontal Push & Pull Categories
    • Part 4: Vertical Push & Pull Categories, Chop/Lift Variations, and Bonus Material 
  • Two coaching videos for concept and strategy teaching
  • Exercise Manual includes definitions, common cues, technique, variations, and common mistakes for each of the 9 exercise categories plus bonus isolated and conditioning exercises that incorporate positions.
  • Exercise Regression & Progression sheet
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 10: Module 9: Coaching Strategies

  • Module will cover how the quality of your coaching matters, innate vs adaptive coaching personalities, coaching tactics as an element of progression, and implementation of coaching strategies within program design.
  • Quiz

Week 11-12: Module 10: Putting it All Together

  • Module part 1 will cover belief systems in relation to program analysis and design. The lesson will examine elements of programming, intention within your choices, creating a learning environment, developing a process for program design, implementation of training principles within your program design, and team dynamic programming.
  • Module part 2 will cover program design variables and organization, progression, beginner considerations, and a course exit overview of learning objectives.
  • Assignment & Quiz

Week 13: Bonus Material Modules

  • The MBT 12 Week Training Program Template 
  • Five downloadable programs 
    • A Beginner 24 Week On boarding Program with program and coaching tactics overview
    • Four Sample Programs with a program overview and description of context

      • Sample 12 Week 3 Day Program 1
      • Sample 4 Week 2 Day Program 2
      • Sample 12 Week 2 Day Program 3
      • Sample 12 Week 2 Day Program 4
  • Hidden Curriculum 
  • Avoiding Scare Tactics
  • You are a trainer. TRAIN
  • Creating a template for session structure
  • How to create a Filtering Framework for Useful Learning 
  • Home Fitness Routine Program
  • Movement Definitions 
  • Additional Resource Recommendations

Yes, I’m in

Just a Quick Recap:

The MBT Strategy Course is designed to support you in creating training principles that will guide your decisions making. Guidance from an experienced mentor will progress your coaching, client and athlete outcomes, and business development.

MBT Strategy Course + Personal Mentorship for 12 weeks

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MBT Strategy Course

The 12 week online course will provide you with action steps for creating your own training principles and model to implement within your own context. This online course will include position and exercise manuals along with coaching tactics and program design lessons to assist you in implementing your training principles, to develop you as a fitness professional and/or performance coach.


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About Michelle

I grew up in central Massachusetts where my interest for athletics and playing sports began. I played soccer, basketball, and ran track at the collegiate level while studying Nutrition. After reflecting on my life passion for athletics and sports performance training, I decided to pursue a higher education degree in strength and conditioning (M.S.) and exercise physiology (PhD) at Springfield College (MA).

I have several years of professional experience as a strength and conditioning coach at a Division 1 institution working with a nationally ranked top 5 Women’s Ice Hockey team, a nationally ranked top 10 Men’s Ice Hockey team, and other teams including Field Hockey, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Basketball. I then created my own company, Michelle Boland Training, in order to support others in achieving their performance and fitness goals to the best of my abilities.