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"Michelle Boland is amongst the elite in terms of biomechanics education, and her ability to apply concepts into exercises has established her as one of the go to people in the country for fitness professionals and performance coaches."

Dr. Pat Davidson
PhD Author of MASS and MASS II

"Michelle Boland has an incredibly unique lens when approaching human performance. We have been able to learn methods from her that improve our own training as well as training for clients."

Zach and Nick Hadge
Professional Strongman Competitors, Champions, and Coaches. Co-Founders of The Performance Vibe

"Michelle is a dangerous strength coach. She has a rare ability to turn someone into a savage, while understanding the complexities of how to do it properly. Few can do it the right way. Michelle is one of them."

Sean Light
PRT, RSCC, LMT, CEO of 4 A Health Former LA Lakers & Arizona Diamondbacks Strength Coach

"Michelle is a rare entity in Strength and Conditioning paring an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge with a passion to never stop learning. She is an amazing coach, practitioner, and educator, and will continue to be a go-to resource for me whenever I’m looking to improve as a coach or athlete."

James Cerbie
CSCS, Pn2 Founder, Rebel Performance

"Michelle is one of the most knowledgeable coaches that I’ve ever worked with. She is also an outstanding educator that takes pride in both sound principles and critical thinking, ensuring that she is always at the forefront of innovation in the strength and conditioning community. I will emphatically endorse her both professionally and personally as she is one of the individuals in this field that I have the most respect for."

Kyle Dobbs
Director of Trainer Development & Co-Owner at Rebel Performance

"Michelle is one of the brightest and most creative minds in the industry. Few people can boil down complex topics into the essential elements, and most importantly make the final product easily applicable. Having Michelle as your coach and/or educator will allow you to establish useful principles and improve your programming to where both you and your clients reach their goals faster than ever before! Michelle has my highest recommendation."

Zachary Cupples

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Customized training plan with support and accountability to ensure you accomplish your fitness goals.

Communication and access to my exercise video database will deliver you the tools to maximize results.

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Resources for trainers and coaches to move in a direction of personal and professional evolution so that coaches can determine why and what matters.

Implement training education into better decisions, execution, and outcomes.

Here you will find quality fitness and performance content, resources, products, community development tools, and courses to support your coaching, business, clients, and athletes.

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The MBT Strategy course mentorship will support you in creating training principles that will guide your decisions making. Guidance from an experienced mentor will progress your coaching, client and athlete outcomes, and business development.

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