The Trifecta Training Program


This 24 week program will support strength, speed, and hypertrophy fitness qualities through the primary exercises while teaching you fundamental patterns, positions, and stances.

The Trifecta will take you through 3 primary phases that progress from Sagittal to Frontal to Transverse planes of motion.

Each phase includes 2 blocks that progress from static to dynamic (add velocity/intent of speed).

Secondary exercises include repetition and set schemes to support hypertrophy (muscle growth).

Training progresses with volume accumulation and progression overload.

It also allows for flexibility and autonomy, making it perfect for someone with a tight schedule or a competitive athlete looking to maximize their results with 2-3 training sessions per week.

Please note: This product is a digital download, and you will have access immediately after purchase. 



Length: 24 Weeks (2-3 days/week). Phase

Split: 2 days per week lift/ If 3 day per week lift, repeat Day 1

Additional Resources: The Trifecta includes a Position and Exercise Resource to explain the program’s fundamental positions and exercises.

Video Links: All exercises include video hyperlinks

Goals: Strength, Movement Variability, and Speed


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