MBT Training Program Template


The program template includes a progression through tempos (timed duration), volume, and planes of motion.

The primary goal is to build strength, cardiorespiratory capacity, and movement variability.

Secondary elements of progress include speed, power, and hypertrophy.

The focus of a template is to adapt it to any client or athlete, to include logistics such as equipment and time, personalized goals, and flexibility within every context.

This program template is perfect for trainers who want a template to apply to various fitness or performance clients.

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Length: 12 Weeks (5 days/week)

Split: 3 day lift/ 2 day conditioning

Name: MBT Training Program Template

Additional Resources: The program includes a general outline, phase progression explanation, and general program notes

Goals: General Strength, Aerobic Capacity, and Movement Variability


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