Hybrid Add-On


The Hybrid Add-On is for current personal training clients who participate in more than 1 personal training session per week and want to supplement their personal training sessions with an additional monthly training plan and guidance. 


The Hybrid Add-On includes an individualized training program and remote coaching apart from personal training sessions. Remote coaching includes email support, video submission and feedback, and access to the MBT exercise database to maximize results.

Popular Hybrid Add-On programming include home workouts, conditioning days, and additional training days to be performed at commercial gyms. The training program and remote coaching provides guidance for consistent training towards your fitness goals, race training, or athletic preparation.

Training programs can be focused on the following training and fitness needs: strength, hypertrophy (muscle growth), endurance (cardiorespiratory), speed, power, athleticism (sport specific), race training (marathon, 5K, triathlon, etc.), body composition changes, general health and well-being, or improving fitness while managing nagging pain or injuries.

The Hybrid Add-On includes:

  • Individualized monthly training programs
  • Hyperlink videos to exercises
  • Shared document for program notes
  • Unlimited email and call support


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