August 12, 2019

Michelle Boland- Belief Systems, Program Analysis & Exercise Creation. #76 The Empowered Body Podcast

October 1, 2018

Michelle Boland, Allostatic Overload, Afferent Signaling, and Adaptation. Episode 21, Gamut of Performance Podcast

September 22, 2018

Michelle Boland, Better Movement for Meatheads #488 on IronRadio

Guest on Episode 488 with Dr. Lowery and Dr. Nelson.  
August 16, 2018

Michelle Boland on Resets, Asymmetry, and Variability Days #138 on Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation Podcast 

July 26, 2018

Spearheading Functional Balance in Performance Driven Training with Michelle Boland: Just Fly Performance Podcast #108.