MBT Strategy Course Weekly Lesson Outline


Week 1: Course Introduction

  • About Michelle
  • About the Course
  • Belief Systems & Learning 
  • Includes: Lecture video (40 minutes), 4 downloadable resources, and assignment

Week 2: Training Principles and Model

  • The Usefulness of Training Principles and Models 
  • MBT Training Principles and Model
  • Action Steps to Create your own Training Principles and Model 
  • How training principles are embedded into the upcoming position and exercise manuals
  • Includes: Lecture video (1 hour and 30 minutes), 2 downloadable resources, quiz and assignment

Week 3-5: Position Manual 

  • Strategy and Execution for the following fundamental positions:
    • Supine
    • Prone
    • Sidelying
    • Tall Kneeling
    • 1/2 Kneeling
    • Standing
    • Front/Back Staggered
    • Lateral Staggered
  • Includes: Lecture video (40 minutes), 5 downloadable resources, quiz, assignments, and weight room video position demonstrations (1 hour and 27 minutes)

Week 6-9: Exercise Manual

  • MBT Exercise Creation Model
  • Coaching Videos for Concept and Strategy Teaching
  • Knee Dominant Bilateral & Unilateral/Staggered Stance Exercises 
  • Hip Dominant Bilateral & Unilateral/Staggered Stance Exercises
  • Horizontal Push & Pull Exercises
  • Vertical Push & Pull Exercises  
  • Bonus Material: Incorporating positions into accessory exercises, warm-up, and conditioning sections
  • Regression and Progression Sheets
  • Strategy Problem Solving Examples 
  • Includes: Lecture video (1 hour and 17 minutes), 6 downloadable resources, quiz, assignments, and weight room video exercise demonstrations (6 hours and 25 minutes)
The MBT Exercise Creation Model will help you be more individualized with your clients/athletes, have a guide for exercise selection and program design, and explore various ways to strategize and execute an exercise. This tier system was created to evaluate and analyze a thought process for exercise selection, ways to progress, and subtle strategy changes.

Week 10: Coaching

  • Innate vs Adaptive Coaching
  • Coaching Tactics 
  • Includes: Lecture video (1 hour and 30 minutes), 1 downloadable resource, quiz, and assignment

Week 11: Putting It All Together Part 1

  • Belief Systems and Program Design 
  • Implementation of Training Principles
  • Includes: Lecture video (1 hour and 38 minutes), 2 downloadable resources, quiz, and assignment

Week 12: Putting It All Together Part 2

  • Implementation of Training Principles
  • Program Design Variables and Organization
  • Includes: Lecture video (1 hour and 40 minutes), 5 downloadable resources, quiz, assignment/course overview, and final model video review (20 minutes)

Week 13: bonus material

  • Sample Programs
    • Four 4- 12 week sample programs
    • A 24 week beginner sample program 
    • A 12 week sample training program template
  • Developing a Process Examples
    • Out of Control-Regain Control- Let Go of Control
    • Program Design Process
  • Hidden Curriculum
  • How to Avoid Scare Tactics
  • You are a Trainer. TRAIN.
  • Includes: One training program template, 5 sample training programs, and various short lecture videos

Preview Video of Week 6 Lesson: