MBT Strategy Course Preview

Do you want to learn how to create your own training principles?

Do you want to learn how to apply these training principles into exercise selection, program design, and coaching tactics?

Do you want to learn effective coaching strategies for fundamental positions and exercise?

Do you want to learn creative ways to organize your exercise progressions by following a three tier process? 

Do you want to create an effective  learning environment for your clients/athletes?

The course will take you through MBT training principles and models, as well as provide you with action steps in order to help you create your own principles and model to implement within your own context. This course will guide you in implementing these principles into your exercise selection, coaching, and programming.


  • How to create your own training principles in order to guide decision making 
  • How to coach fundamental positions and exercises
  • How to create exercises based upon intent and the MBT exercise creation model
  • How to utilize both your innate and adaptive personality to maximize your coaching effectiveness
  • How to implement coaching tactics into your program design and elements of progress
  • How to implement your training principles and model into your program design
The MBT Exercise Creation Model will help you be more individualized with your clients/athletes, have a guide for exercise selection and program design, and explore various ways to strategize and execute an exercise. This tier system was created to evaluate and analyze a thought process for exercise selection, ways to progress, and subtle strategy changes.


Week 1: Course Introduction

  • About Michelle
  • About the Course
  • Belief Systems & Learning 

Week 2: Training Principles and Model

  • The Usefulness of Training Principles and Models 
  • MBT Training Principles and Model
  • Action Steps to Create your own Training Principles and Model 
  • How training principles are embedded into the upcoming position and exercise manuals

Week 3-5: Position Manual 

  • Strategy and Execution for the following fundamental positions:
    • Supine
    • Prone
    • Sidelying
    • Tall Kneeling
    • 1/2 Kneeling
    • Standing
    • Front/Back Staggered
    • Lateral Staggered

Week 6-9: Exercise Manual

  • MBT Exercise Creation Model
  • Coaching Videos for Concept and Strategy Teaching
  • Knee Dominant Bilateral & Unilateral/Staggered Stance Exercises 
  • Hip Dominant Bilateral & Unilateral/Staggered Stance Exercises
  • Horizontal Push & Pull Exercises
  • Vertical Push & Pull Exercises  
  • Bonus Material: Incorporating positions into accessory exercises, warm-up, and conditioning sections
  • Regression and Progression Sheets
  • Strategy Problem Solving Examples 

Week 10: Coaching

  • Innate vs Adaptive Coaching
  • Coaching Tactics 

Week 11-12: Putting It All Together

  • Belief Systems and Program Design 
  • Implementation of Training Principles
  • Program Design Variables and Organization

Week 13: bonus material

  • Sample Programs
    • Three 12 week sample programs
    • A 24 week beginner sample program 
    • A 12 week sample training program template
  • Developing a Process Examples
    • Out of Control-Regain Control- Let Go of Control
    • Program Design Process
  • Hidden Curriculum
  • How to Avoid Scare Tactics


  • A video slide presentation for each topic
  • Presentation slides for each topic
  • Learning Objectives and Goals for each topic
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • HOURS of Coaching videos
  • Sample Programs
  • Recommended Additional Resources


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