Boston Health & Performance Summit

Hosted by Michelle Boland Training 

JUNE 11-12th 2022

Making Education About YOU.

The Boston Health & Performance Summit (BHPS) will provide access to innovative and recognized leaders to enable strength coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, sport medicine professionals, and movement specialists to come together and expand their perspectives on health, well being, injury, pain, coaching, and athletic performance.

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Education That Is Useful. 

Have you ever felt lost in the crowd at a big association or corporate conference?

Have you ever gone home after a seminar and said 'that was great, but how do I actually use that information?'

Not anymore. 

The BHPS, 

  • Will be an intimate event for your questions to be answered
  • Will be an event that you can take part in the drills and exercises being presented
  • Will be an event that you can train and exercise with the speakers and fellow attendees
  • Will be filled with speakers who were personally selected for their experience and knowledge
  • Will include designated time to connect the information to YOUR clients

Why are these features important?

BECAUSE, the information that will be delivered to you will directly impact how you manage and get results for your clients, athletes, or patients.

So, you need to experience a education event that will,

  1. Help and support you to directly extract information to improve your own coaching and services
  2. Expose you to forward thinking speakers who will push how you approach your services and coaching

Michelle has specifically designed the BHPS to help you turn the summit information into knowledge and actionable steps.

This will help you to strategically embed this new education into your own system for better client results.

This is why the BHPS will be a step above any educational event you have attended. 

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About Your Host

Dr. Michelle Boland 

I created the BHPS because I want to change how fitness professionals, strength & conditioning coaches, and physical therapists get their continuing education. 

I have worked in many settings from academia, to collegiate strength & conditioning, to private training facilities, to now being self-employed. 

I have spent THOUSANDS of MY OWN money and THOUSANDS of my employer's dollars on continuing education. I have taken over 40 courses since I have been out of school, from Pain Neuroscience, to Sports Performance Conferences, to big Professional Association clinics. 

But there have always been elements of those experiences that I felt did not deserve my investment, such as,

  • Feeling like your not smart enough because you are getting flooded with MASSIVE amounts of information that make it difficult to make useful for your clients
  • Speakers trying to sell you a product
  • Listening to recycled information you can get from an outdated textbook
  • Being lost in the crowd of people that you find it overwhelming to engage with others

At a Professional Association event, I once sat in a presentation for 45 minutes listening to a sales pitch on a balance mat. 

No wonder why we hesitate to spend our hard earned money on continuing education. 

Instead of hoping for change, I want to create it. 

I am specifically designing the BHPS to remove the negatives and maximize the positives and make the experience ABOUT YOU

I am going to MAKE SURE that you leave knowing exactly how all of the information presented can help YOU and YOUR CLIENTS.

This is my passion to help more trainers and therapists make the most of their time and financial investment for education. 

2022 BHPS Presenters

Michelle Boland, PhD

Trainer, Educator, and Summit host. Prior collegiate strength coach, Director of Education, and principle-based coach. Learn more about Michelle

Matthew Ibrahim

Coach, Professor, and Ph.D. student with an unwavering passion for athletic performance and a strong drive toward educating the masses. Learn more about Matthew

Tony Gentilcore

Man, myth, legend. Tony is a master deadlifter and trains people at his studio, CORE, located in Boston, MA. Learn More about Tony

Dan Pope, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength Coach with and extensive background in athletic performance. Learn more about Dan

Seth Oberst, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy and innovative practitioner utilizing a somatic and lifestyle approach to heal people heal and recover from chronic pain, stress, movement disorders, and trauma. Learn more about Seth

Greg Robins

Strength House founder and master strength coach. Massive amount of experience with Baseball athletes and training program design for rotational athletes. Learn more about Greg

Justin Moore

Performance Coach and Education Coordinator specializing in assessing and coaching multi-directional speed. Learn more about Justin

Nick Lambe

Long time coach and educator who specializes in helping fit pros implement health first principles. Learn more about Nick

The BHPS Mission is to Bring Professionals Together, Engage in Collaboration, and Bridge the Gap Between Training & Rehab

What is Unique about the BHPS?

  • Designated open lift times for attendees to train, ask for advice, and get to know each other
  • Innovative presentations from leaders in the fields of strength & conditioning, physical therapy, and sports performance
  • Practical Application presentations to get you putting knowledge into action
  • A breakout session to learn strategies for integration
  • Morning Marketing and Business Brainstorming with Sean Light of the Weight Room Wealth

2022 Event Details

  • Two day Event
  • June 11-12th 2022
  • Time: 9am-6pm
  • Boston, MA area location
  • 12,000 square foot facility to get you up and moving 
  • Saturday night hangout
  • Special sponsor product raffles and GIVEAWAYS
  • Morning open lift and technique reviews from presenters
  • Friday and Saturday night social events

The Format

  • Attendees will have access to multiple morning activity options
  • Attendees will have access to either a lecture or hands-on presentation every 90 minutes
  • Attendees will have access to designated presenter Q&A times
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More Educational Value.

The BHPS is now NSCA CEU Approved! 

The National Strength & Conditioning Association has approved the BHPS for 1.4 CEUs. Attendees will receive their certification at event. 

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What Will YOU Walk Away With?

  • Innovative ideas from leaders in the field to help you stay on top of cutting-edge methods and practices
  • Time in the weight room training with fellow professionals and speakers to get technique tips, ask Michelle about your clients and exercise ideas, and of course, get in a morning arm pump 
  • Time with Sean Light of Weight Room Wealth to get business and marketing tips to grow your services
  • Specific ideas and actionable steps to implement within your coaching and practice that directly apply to your clients, athletes, and patients
  • Coaching feedback and hands-on experience during practical sessions to get you feeling exactly what your athletes will feel
  • Resources for the next steps:
    • If you liked a presentation, you will get more information on how to move forward
    • Every presentation will include specific exercise examples and coaching strategies that you can apply
    • AND the break out sessions with Michelle will give you ideas on HOW TO EXACTLY apply the information into YOUR OWN services
  • You will learn skills to organize information, incorporate new information into your own processes, and strategies that will exponentially speed up your professional trajectory 


Deceleration & Landing: Building The Brakes

The fields of Strength & Conditioning and Sport Performance receive a lot of attention for the expression of power and force production in the form of plyometrics. However, the precursor to these elements is what represents the first steps toward long-term athletic development. The skills of deceleration, force absorption and landing mechanics make up the essential building blocks that must be properly trained and developed to help your athletes build strength, durability and injury resilience. -Matthew Ibrahim

Beyond Sets and Reps: How Understanding The Game Helps You Create Effective Training 

Baseball is the most skill dependent team sport in America. Understanding the demands of the game from both a skill and physical standpoint is crucial in transferring training to the field. The role of a strength coach is constantly evolving, especially in the sport of baseball. How can we better serve our athletes by making sure that what we do in training helps afford them more opportunities to be successful on the field. In this presentation we will walk through my mindset in approaching the training of some of today's top talent, and how we can blend skill development, and positional contexts into performance forward training. -Greg Robins

Stress, Space, & Human Development

Seth Oberst, DPT will focus on the influence of stress on human development and spatial representation. More details to come. 


Strategies: How to Maximize Seminar Information.

This brief presentation Michelle Boland will teach you the skills to make the most out of your continuing education experiences. Michelle will review how to extract actionable takeaways, knowledge acquisition, and implementation strategies. These unique STRATEGIES will help you turn the weekend presentations into coaching tools that will get results for your clients and athletes.

Helping Your Client Find Their trainable Menu

In his talk Tony Gentilcore will focus on the concept of the "trainable menu," or focusing on what the client/athelte CAN do rather than what they can NOT. Starting with assessment and connecting the dots all the way through someone grabbing a barbell.

How to Manage Lower Back Pain and Injury in the Weight Room 

Dan Pope, DPT, will dove into the possible causes, different types, and treatment ideas for low back pain and injury with weight room activities such as the squat and deadlift. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of spinal stress during exercise, how to modify the squat and deadlift, and how to return your clients and athletes to training.

Building the Agile Athlete: Integrating Physical and Perceptual Abilities for Elite Game Speed

Justin Moore will focus on bringing together the physical qualities necessary to demonstrate elite linear speed and change of direction with the perceptual-cognitive capabilities to demonstrate those capabilities in contexts relevant to an athlete’s sport.

The lecture will focus on assessing the individual athlete, developing a needs analysis, creating and utilizing a movement model, fundamental competencies for multi-directional speed and agility, understanding the distinction between change of direction and agility and where both fit into the holistic development of the athlete.

The practical portion will focus on building a multi-directional speed and agility session as well as assessing, coaching, and selecting specific drills and exercises to cultivate elite multi-directional skills and then apply them to true agility scenarios.

Become a valued member of the healthcare team. 

Individuals will on average see a physician 4 times a year (with this number even skewed by those who are sick). On the contrary, they'll see their regular trainer or coach 100 times a year. With this comes: more opportunity to influence long term health than anyone else, a huge responsibility, and a tremendous ability for lasting income and impact. In this talk, we'll explore a comprehensive framework to position & empower yourself for MORE, as a valued member of the healthcare team.- Nick Lambe

More Educational Value.

The BHPS is now NSCA CEU Approved! 

The National Strength & Conditioning Association has approved the BHPS for 1.4 CEUs. Attendees will receive their certification at event. 

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