Shaking IS Learning.

Now let’s get Tri-Planar…

Can you exhale feeling your ‘side abs’ and get your pelvis underneath you? ✔️
Can you keep your head stacked over your pelvis? ✔️

Elevation of left leg will bring the floor up to you and help the contralateral (right) hip position.
Athlete is moving the thorax BACK which is reaching (this is 💰).
Can you reach and move your scapula on your rib cage without your pecs and with your serratus? ✔️
Can you breathe in this position and look forward? ✔️
Can you get tall through your heel? ✔️
Can you feel your glute? ✔️
Can you feel your hamstring? ✔️
Can you feel your inner thigh? ✔️
Can you feel/use your glute medius pushing you over to your left side?✔️ Entire center of mass should move to left side. ✔️
Okay, now hold that.
Own that.
You can hold a medball over left leg to rotate thorax and crush abs.


 INTERNALLY ROTATED (IR) with reaching arm gives RIB IR & rotation…this is $ 💵💵💵$
Can you exhale feeling your ‘side abs’ and get your pelvis underneath you? ✔
(Be aware of your feet on the bench & reach with your knees to the ceiling)
Can you control that? ✔
Can you feel your glutes? ✔
Can you feel your hamstrings? ✔
Can you feel your inner thighs? (red ball between knees gives you that)? ✔
Can you reach and move your scapula on your rib cage without your pecs and with your serratus? ✔(Reach to the ceiling with opposite arm, pec should be ‘off’)
Can you breathe in this position?

DB Alternating Bench Press.



When athletes turn into coaches.
“Get out of it”…
Can you get out of extension? ✔
Can you exhale feeling your ‘side abs’ and get your pelvis underneath you? ✔
“Tuck your knees” …
Can you control that without hyperextending through the movement? ✔
Think about pulling your elbows to the floor ✔
Try not to turn it into a bicep curl. 👌 =3 month position Chin-up.

Be an Aerobic Monster.

Using slow tempos, low resistance, long duration such as a 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down with no pause at the top or bottom for 1-2 minutes, can enhance your goal of aerobic development. Exercise selection will create aerobic adaptations in the specific muscles performing work.

Aerobic central adaptations include increasing chamber size of left ventricle (eccentric hypertrophy), respiratory capacity, increased parasympathetic tone to SA node, and increased Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (neural plasticity).

Peripheral adaptations include increased capillary density (vascular network), increased mitochondrial density, and increased aerobic enzymes. Compressing not occluding the tissue to facilitate blood flow through the working muscle should be the goal at these low intensities. “Everywhere there is oxygen, mitochondria will grow.” – Aaron Davis 

Overall it’s the ability to deliver/supply blood to the working muscles and utilize oxygen to create mechanical work AND get better at using oxygen will reduce system threat:

“The primary regulatory mechanism of the cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular system facilitate intense exercise until it perceives a risk of ischemic injury to the heart, central nervous system, muscles, and other tissues and organs” (Brooks, Fahey, & Baldwin, 2005). 

Aerobic development is key for performance and allows you to do more work over time…often exercise needs to be perceived as high intensity/difficulty to be effective but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“People are really addicted to that sensation of fatigue, that’s what they have neurologically associated as success…It’s a mental anchor.”                     -Mike T. Nelson



Entropy is a measure of the amount of energy in a system that is available for doing work; often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system. Entropy grows in an isolated system (no interaction with external environment). Entropy can actually be reduced in an open system which exchanges energy and information with the outside world. Are you an isolated or open system in an exercise environment? Be an open system…or you can just continue to ride the wave of increasing entropy.

Dark Side.

Recovery is about knocking down floors on the elevator you’re stuck on, in order to ACCESS MORE. What does this mean?
@lucy_hendricks was kind enough to ask me to provide a video for her recovery series for Dark Side Strength. Watch video: Link in About Me

Favorite Books

My favorite books from the past year. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” Always have an open mind and share information.


Human beings and all living things are a coalescense of energy in a field of energy CONNECTED to every other thing in the network – so you are just a piece of the universe you choose to call ‘me’. If you don’t think this applies to picking things up and putting them down, start there.

Thanks to the NSCA MA State Clinic for having me and to everyone that listened.