Women in S&C Leadership Positions

It may not necessarily be getting females into leadership positions. Many individuals who hold leadership positions or titles do not demonstrate leadership qualities. The conquest of a title may be less important than the acquisition of the skills and qualities of leadership.

Providing females in the S&C field with these skills may have more value long term. 

Provide solutions in skill sets that include:
  • Critical conversations skills
  • Thinking about solutions (which most likely can be found in your own behavior) instead of identifying faults in others
  • Self awareness (there is purpose in understanding yourself)
  • Learning how to promote the growth of others (empowering) instead of spending time establishing hierarchies/inferiority
  • Identifying skills in others that will help them succeed
  • Listening skills instead of waiting to speak over others (creating mutual respect)
  • Being adaptable to how you interact with different people (not being rigid in your own behaviors)
  • Learning how to be adaptable/open minded (without being overly agreeable)

  • This is similar to pursuing grades over education, money over satisfaction, or individual accolades over team goals.
  • Don’t teach them how to win, teach them how to play

  • Where is this in the academic system? 
  • Where is this in internship curriculum? 
  • How are we providing solutions within ourselves?

Check out the following article for more insight:  Cultural and Occupational Barriers Facing Women Professionals in the Field of Strength and Conditioning