2. Exercise Physiology 2.0


WHY: This book got me through my exercise physiology doctorate program. Period.

WHY: This was the best biochemistry book I have read. It provides an introduction to biochemistry that gives you greater insight into the molecular aspects of human physical activity. The end of each chapter connects that information to exercise and training which provides application.

WHY: Pollack challenges generally accepted views of cell biology and takes a deep dive into the nature of the cell. Cell structure and function can be a building model of the human system.

WHY: Explore the hidden life of water and the engine of nature, infer what this means for our physiology (cell function).


*Use PubMed and/or Google Scholar. Search for peer-reviewed research articles & meta-reviews for subjects of interest.

Video Series

WHY: Owner James Cerbie just started a new video series called “The Educated Meathead.” James explained detailed physiology in quick videos which is an admirable skill. Check out the first on: The Educated Meathead Episode 1: Gas Exchange at the Tissue

WHY: Sean Light has an invaluable skill to make complex topics digestible and applicable to S&C. In the Neuro-Recovery Course he reviews stress, neocortex, homeostasis, allostasis, the visual system, the polyvagal theory, anatomy considerations, and auditory and sensory treatment. The course includes a structured curriculum and quizzes to help retain information.

Seminars & Online Courses

Level 1: Functional Biochemistry Course $399

WHY: The course covers 15 modules from functional cellular biology, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids: structure, function, digestion, and overview of biochemical pathways and metabolism to the biochemistry of methylation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more. You also get access to the metabolic fitness Q&A forum and a certificate of completion.

Websites & Social Media Resources/Mentors

WHY: A brilliant coach who has vast knowledge in performance physiology and training with the use of technology (including MOXY, OmegaWave, and Spirotiger). Train Adapt Evolve offers seminar, which you can learn more about HERE.

  • Evan Peikon @evan_peikon with Training Think Tank @trainingthinktank

WHY: Great resource for in depth physiology and training with technology. Evan shares his knowledge and training philosophy via Training Think Tank (Atlanta, GA) educational courses, and writes daily on IG.