11. Nutrition 2.0


WHY: The micronutrient quantity of our food is usually the topic of discussion relating to nutrition, especially in the academic system. However, knowledge about the bacteria and enzymes that break our food is where the leaders in the field are taking us. The book explains the interplay between the state of your microbiome, your brain, disease, and behavioral disorders. Maybe it’s not just your program design that matters for health, performance, and behavior…

WHY: Robb Wolf simplifies how there are individual responses to individual foods. That take-away alone is important in understanding that nutrition is individual and absolute, blanket statements should be avoided.

WHY: Dr. Wahls shares her journey with the paleo diet that allowed her to reverse many of her multiple sclerosis symptoms and other autoimmune conditions.

WHY: Dr. Hyman debunks common misconceptions relating to food and provides a guide to lifelong health. This resource is valuable with combining all the above knowledge into breaking down foods for our overall health.

WHY: Dr. Ruscio explores modern lifestyle changes and the widespread use of antibiotics impact on our gut. Our gut houses essential bacteria that we need for overall health. The root cause of symptoms such as depression, fatigue, weight gain, autoimmunity, and insomnia can be healed by restoring our gut. Typical academic and public knowledge of nutrition is focused on the food we eat, instead of the bacteria that break down that food. Understanding our gut can help you understand how nutrition relates to overall, whole body health.

Articles: Peer-Reviewed Position Stands

WHY: The International Society of Sports Nutrition has positions stands on many topics, such as nutrient timing, diets & body composition, creatine supplementation, beta-alanine, protein & exercise, and so much more.

Textbooks & Certifications

Level 1 Certification & Level 2 Certification Master Class $997 or $97/month for 12 months

WHY: Precision Nutrition program does a great job with applying information to clients.

Textbook: Essentials of Sports nutrition and Supplements, Antonio J et al. (editors)

WHY: Certification is dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation.

Seminars & Online Courses

Also Available: Dr. House has a beginner’s mind mentorship program and functional medicine retreats in Costa Rica. I encourage you to explore events and programs he offers.

WHY: This course contains four plus hours of lecture, content quizzes, case studies, and all the tools needed to calculate total food quantity, individualize macronutrient ratios, and turn all of the numbers into food.

Level 1: Functional Biochemistry Course $399

WHY: The course covers 15 modules from functional cellular biology, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids: structure, function, digestion, and overview of biochemical pathways and metabolism to the biochemistry of methylation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more. You also get access to the metabolic fitness Q&A forum and a certificate of completion.

WHY: Dr. Mike TNelson provides research-based content within 8 modules to teach topics including, defining metabolic flexibility, fat as fuel, micro nutrition, NEAT, exercise, interventions, carbs, and sleep.

Blogs (recommended by Lucy Hendricks)

WHY: He has an article on just about every topic you could think of. His blog is one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world.

WHY: Diana Rodgers does a great job at squashing misconceptions in the nutrition world like, should you listen to the AHA’s opinion on coconut oil, would going vegan help or ruin our health, and what does it really take to achieve sustainability.


  • Dr. Ruscio Radio: Health, Nutrition, Functional Medicine

Websites & Social Media Resources/Mentors

  • Dr. Ben House @drbenhouse 

WHY: Ben House is an excellent resource for functional medicine and nutrition. He teaches you how to guide clients, not just direct them. His content covers everything from testosterone, macro and micronutrients, sleep, training, social interactions, self-awareness, environment, GI health, mitochondria function, and much more. Visit his website. He posts detailed, research supported content frequently on facebook: here. Ben House’s Functional Medicine Costa Rica Site Free (Mentorship Membership available)

WHY: Erin is an amazing resource for nutrition and topics such as meal planning strategies, supplements, lifestyle, food culture, navigating the modern food environment, performance nutrition, and so much more. Erin also offers speaking engagements and nutrition coaching for a wide variety of clientele, which you can learn more about HERE.