10. Movement/Biomechanics

WHY: As coaches, trainers, and teachers we are asking people to move. We should have a very solid foundation in movement and biomechanics. The exercise techniques and cues we use are driven by our understanding of movement and biomechanics. Our exercise techniques and cues reflect our principles as a coach.

Seminars & Online Courses

*These courses will also provide knowledge on the brain, autonomics, behavior, and stress

*Primary Courses should be your first priority

Postural Restoration Institute Visual Integration Course

Postural Restoration Institute Myokinematic Restoration Course (Primary Course)

Postural Restoration Institute Postural Respiration Course (Primary Course)

Postural Restoration Institute Impingement & Instability Course

Postural Restoration Institute Pelvis Restoration Course (Primary Course)

WHY: PRI has provided me with a different lens to look at movement and biomechanics. My understanding of anatomy and movement was flipped upside down from what I learned in the academic model and has made me a better coach.

WHY: Want to witness what a good coach is? Dr. Davidson is a game changer and always brings something new and thoughtful to the table. It is never boring, it is never recycled, and it is always thought provoking. Dr. Davidson presents a biomechanical model for training programs. He examines movement and categorizes individuals for maximum benefits and adaptations. He shows you how to do that same. My favorite and I think most valuable part of the seminar is listening to Dr. Davidson share his personal experience with clients and WATCHING HIM COACH. His seminar is one of the most encompassing and useful seminars I have attended. I cannot recommend it enough.

WHY: Dr. Zac Cupples is an absolutely brilliant physical therapist and his knowledge of anatomy is unmatched. This event will be worth every penny. Dr. Cupples will show you how to assess and train for optimal results in health and performance.


WHY: “Most trainers (and clients) believe they need to row twice as many times and they press, which is a huge misconception that Justin does a great job at destroying.” –  Lucy Hendricks

WHY: “90/90 is a very popular breathing exercise that a lot of coaches struggle with. Here’s the complete guide to how to perform it and It’s rationale.” –  Lucy Hendricks

WHY: “Another popular activity that improves movement quality in your clients.” – Lucy Hendricks


  • Historic Performance Podcast Episode #94 Mike Cantrell
  • Physical Preparation with Mike Robertson April 13, 2018: Pat Davidson on Coaching, Cuing, and Creating Savages
  • Just Fly Sports Performance Episode #88 March 6th, 2018: Pat Davidson “An educated approach to the Big Lifts and Primal Movement”
  • The Ask Dr. Pat Davidson Show Episode 1 (Host Dave Rascoe) on YouTube


WHY: Bill Hartman is a god among men when it comes to movement and anatomy.

WHY: The book provides information and exercises about renewing health through increased sensory awareness. Body awareness is a valuable tool for yourself and your clients. Body awareness can also be a way into the mind.

WHY: This book is also in the brain category as it will provide knowledge regarding both the brain and movement. The book describes how humans on earth perceive and control bodily movement.

WHY: “As I write this, I’m only halfway through reading this book, and I can already say with confidence that this is an absolute must-read for any physical preparation practitioner. With the explosion in popularity of systems like PRI, breathing has become all the rage in recent years and for good reason.  Breathing is a behavior that is intimately tied to every aspect of performance and wellness including but not limited to:

1)     Pressure management both inside and outside of the body

2)     Management of the individual’s center of mass

3)     Strength & power

4)     Joint range of motion and movement options

5)     Gait & motor control

6)     Autonomic nervous system tone and, therefore, performance and recovery

7)     Regulation of critical homeostatic variables like pH

8)     Mental health and wellness (stress, anxiety, relaxation)

9)     Energy systems & capacity

10)   Digestion & sexual health

To say that breathing is important to health and performance is a massive understatement.  While systems like PRI, that place a premium on the vital role of respiration, have done a great job of bringing breathing to the mainstream, you cannot learn the full scope of how respiration impacts all the systems of the body in a weekend course.

That’s where this book comes in.  It brings a multi-disciplinary approach to recognizing and treating breathing disorders, and looks at breathing from every conceivable angle.  Topics include developmental kinesiology, the structure and function of breathing, the mechanics of respiration (both “normal” & pathological), nasal influences on breathing, the biochemical aspects of breathing, hyperventilation, the impact of psychological and emotional variables with breathing and breathing dysfunction, neural regulation of respiration, and so much more.

Additionally, there are countless references at the end of each chapter so you can dive further into the research.

Breathing is truly the foundation of health and performance, impacting and being impacted by every system of the human organism body.  As physical preparation practitioners, it is a critical that we have an intimate understanding of respiration, and this book delivers that.” – Justin Moore


WHY: I believe that this exercise database directly connects all of the above knowledge about movement and biomechanics with training application. It utilizes the concepts from all of the above resources within each exercise. It includes over 190 exercises including full coaching tutorials and audio technique cueing for coaches.

 Youtube Channels (Also Under Coaching: all recommended by Lucy Hendricks)

WHY: Scroll through these channels and learn the cues these people use while doing an exercise