0. Biggest Recommendations: Advanced S&C (Challenge Your Belief Systems)


WHY: The book will help develop a skill of evaluating research and provide tools to leverage research.  

WHY: This is the best sports performance book I have ever encountered. Every coach and team sport staff member should read this and appreciate their influence on athlete performance. Fergus provides a detail, all-encompassing model for team sport and organization success.

WHY: Jordan Peterson is changing the modern understanding of personality and philosophy. Virtues of character and their necessity are the topics discussed in how you should think about living your life. This video is a preview to the book.

WHY: Charles argues that our current culture is based on “a story of separation” and that we are actually designed to love in a world that functions on the story of ‘interbeing’ because the natural world depends on interbeing. Us vs them, me vs you, my ideas vs your ideas are founded on separation and that is making people sick and creating a culture of loneliness.  – Erin Murray. Think about the story of separation with our disconnection from our feelings; both physical sensations and emotions. How can this relate to the athletes/clients we are interacting with every day in an environment that needs physical awareness and challenge? How can this also relate to our us vs them culture within the fitness industry?

WHY: This body directly links the mind and body. This book will help you understand how trauma is a fact of life, and when you interact with others this is a valuable thing to know. The book also dives deep into the brain, behavior, learned memories, sensory experiences (sensations), and creating a relationship with the body.


  • Just Fly Sports Performance Podcast with Cory Schlesinger #138



WHY: Bill Hartman selects a small group of people to maximize interaction while he presents his model and shares his ideas for 2.5 days. Bill also wants each person to have goals for what they want to get from the experience, ask questions, and contribute to discussions. It is an EXPERIENCE. It is also a lesson in humility with the environment Bill creates. Sign up for his newsletter subscription for the next intensive announcement.

WHY: The course curriculum will influence how you view your clients every day. Seth explores safety and stress in relation to movement disorders and physical sensations. The 2-day course includes topics such as stress, self-regulation, autonomic foundations of stress, and effects of threat and stress on movement. Please see link for various locations and dates across the country. Zac Cupples’s Review of Course

WHY: This is by far the best seminar I have ever been to for trainers and best system I have seen in the fitness industry. Davidson’s rationale, exercises, programming, and coaching are unparalleled. He keeps your attention. He ties everything together and provides more application than any other seminar. I cannot recommend it enough to any personal trainer, physical therapist, or S&C coach. Please see Pat’s website or Instagram for various live course dates and locations.