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A model allows you to have a structure and framework for decisions within various contexts. Drawing out your model can guide program design, assessments, exercise selection rationale, and outcome goals for the client/athlete.

Models are adaptable with new information and will be refined overtime. Models can also provide commonality in language between staff members and incorporation of core values.  

MBT Model Explanation.

It starts with the client. The client will have both session experiences with the coach and a physical goal. The intent and strategies chosen will be in relation to the desired outcome of an experience and goal.

Client experience includes coaching style, types of hard work, and learning.  The client’s personality and temperament will be related to the adaptive personality of the coach as a strategy in achieving the outcome. The coach will utilize values and concepts that are important to them within communication (language used) and exercise selection in order to achieve the desired experience. Exposure and learning various types of hard work including both physical challenge and awareness should be experienced. 

Session experience should include enjoyment in relation to the client’s wants, weight room perception, and adherence to the program. The inclusion of these variables will allow for empowerment, meaningfulness, and acknowledgement of progress. The coach will review and reflect upon client experience and adjust according to the results. 

The physical goal of the client should relate to desired structural and/or functional adaptations.  Assessment should be related to the goal and valued to track progress of the goal. The assessment should direct coach to the starting point for programming in relation the client needs within health and performance based variables. 

The goal of the client should provide purpose to both the client and coach. The assessment should also assist in maximizing strengths and addressing constraints. The variables and goal should be reassessed and adjusted accordingly based upon the results.