Program & Sequence Concepts

Program concepts and sequence exercises that build on those concepts. Reinforce by using the same cues with sequential pairings; everything we do is everything else we do.

Whatever concepts that are important to you, have a plan to teach them. I use and build my program design based on concepts I value in performance such as loading a hip, rotating a thorax over a pelvis, centering, and loading & propelling. I can build on these concepts during the year through coaching tactics and being creative with exercises.


  1. Designate a concept as a focus of a microcycle.
  2. Sequence/pair exercises using the same cues and that build upon the previous.
  3. Add cues or details progressing from weeks 1 to week 4 in your coaching.
  4. Be creative with exercises. Does an exercise fulfill the concepts that you value in performance and health?